Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 1 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 1 Subbed

=======>Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 1 Subbed is Online<=======

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  • Joseph Emarba

    cant w8 to watch this anime

  • Edgardan9

    Just 22 hours to start, also i read that they will release 3 episodes at once

    • Ramazan Sobolevsky

      omg WHERE

    • Dunce Face Kaminari


  • Cody Dunegan

    i wounded will 3 ep will come out at once

  • Alex Kolodzik

    I could not be more ready for this thing. Its been far too long

  • Ramazan Sobolevsky


  • qwertytwerqy

    I thought it’s coming out today? ugh

    • Brienna Taylor

      It should come out today

  • SmiLe Factory

    they still hidden Escanor. Praise the Sun

    • Illumigirl 0804

      Do u know on the last episode of the signs of a holy war, escanor is shown at the end carrying a barrel, he is the red head with glasses 🙂

  • I thought it’s out but it’s still not?? 😭😭😭

  • mrmr

    are all the episodes going to be released at once since it’s on netflix ?

    • Mikel Stinson

      No, it is being released in Japan first then will later be released on Netflix most likely.

      • Merijn Dekeyser

        So it will be like 1 Episode each week?

        • Whyissomanimegirlssohot

          yes… all anime is like that

        • Dunce Face Kaminari

          welcome to anime

        • Natsu Dragneel Z

          yeah DBSUPER system

      • Adolf-Senpai

        On Netflix Japan it’s released every week, here we probably will get something like Fate/Apocrypha since this is going to be 24 episodes, so we will get 12 episodes then later more 12. But that is only in like 4-5 months to get the first half.

    • AnimeLord

      I heard that it will most likely come out on nextflix February 2019

  • Josh Larry

    Wtf bro. Why give it a release date and troll us with a recap episode

    • Illumigirl 0804

      Ikr? Evillll

    • Uzumaki Naruto

      Well the end of the recap was important



    • I LIKE PIE

      but I guess I knew that from the Manga!

    • Gem Warrior


      (to your comment mentioning the manga)

  • Razvy Razvan

    oh come on i hate escanor so i dont watch the season two niiiice omgggggg i hate the season 2

    • Kendyll Anne

      Same, I dislike Escanor. Gotta watch it for Mel though lol

      • Ainsley Hamilton

        Nah other way round for me love Escanor such a great character but if you think “oh but he’s unbeatable blah blah blah”, well you haven’t met Chandler he’s a good counter to Escanor which I like so don’t worry. As for Mel I only like him as he is now if you have read the manga I find him more interesting that way instead of the happy go lucky attitude.

        • Andrew Davidson

          thank you

        • Kendyll Anne

          I like the other version of Mel also. I’m a writer, so it’s really the characters themselves that draw me in versus their abilities. Escanor is almost perfect in terms of character conflict except for his jealousy over Merlin which is pretty boring. Mel just has so much wrong with him and the author keeps on throwing more curve balls which makes it even better.

        • Alessandro Mercante

          Well we haven’t seen Chandler going against Escanor yet, so it’s all open to speculation

    • Basel Mahmoud

      dude , i dont know how can any-one dislike Escanor

  • SmiLe Factory

    Praise Mother fucking Sun

  • Sad Knight Yorick

    Anyone know why it’ll take like 6 hours to sub the episode?

    • Whyissomanimegirlssohot

      because it’s a lot of work…
      The translating. the writing and the text timing

      • Sad Knight Yorick

        most animes i’ve watched took about 1 hour to sub an episode

        • Whyissomanimegirlssohot

          yeah but these guys are lasy af

        • Kurama

          because they had like 1 week in advance to sub the episode like crunchyroll, funimation etc.

    • Adolf-Senpai

      Stop lying, no episode gets released 1 hour after the raw release the fast ones release in 3-4 hours. By any means there are so little fansubs nowadays, everything people do is to rip from CR and other sites.

      • Sad Knight Yorick

        I’ve seen Attack on Titan and Boku no Hero getting subbed in 1 hour

        • Adolf-Senpai

          Which fansub did that? Boku no Hero and AOT were both on CR and every website possible used the rips from those and not fansubs.

  • Otavio Gabriel


  • Otavio Gabriel

    cade o epsodiooooooooooooooo

  • Basel Mahmoud

    is that my man at the END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Infrared

    Lmao the outro is so misleading xD

    • habiba

      um I am so confused there is dubbed for this all the way to ep four so far and the animations for dubbed and subbed are both different????

  • Skyavii

    I’m READY! I can’t wait~ <3

  • Dunce Face Kaminari


  • Andrew Davidson

    boi comming from a mangareader if this is animated right and nothing is skipped like the previous season and especially where they are going to end it jesus christ anime only’s you aint ready

  • Erik Schneider

    That moment when u understand the raw version,DIANA IS WAIFU

  • Dunce Face Kaminari




  • Sad Knight Yorick

    still 4 hours left… rip.
    Can someone tell me the time the opening starts just to check it out?

    • Kurama


      • kadiveti

        Ain’t it time already

  • Skyavii

    Two more hours. x O x


    yo 8 mins left chill relax think

    • Trippy Dreadz

      how many ep are they going to release

  • Khalil Dragneel

    Yo still nu subs man

    • Azrael4

      Yeah but it said that it is done

      • Banwar Rosario Tibaldo


  • Khalil Dragneel

    I refreshed it and still nu subs, what do I have to do?

    • kadiveti

      Wait 5 mins or so rechecking is going on..

  • EcchiFan

    uhhh where is the subbed episode??

  • Archie

    Um wtf where is the episode?

  • Andrew Waldschmidt

    So are we getting subs soon or should I just go to bed now?

    • EcchiFan

      go 2 bed now…

      • Andrew Waldschmidt

        not until this new countdown is over I believe

  • Azrael4

    Its raw you said its well done. Where’s the manager??!!!

  • Sinbad

    The trap’s sin, Gowther

  • Andrew Waldschmidt

    good first episode sets things up nicely can’t wait for more

  • TheLionGaming4k

    oh, Please the 1080p? nanatsu no taizai s2

  • Earryl Adrianne Villaluna

    SON OF a filler

  • Shahiid Senpay

    Possible file sub

  • Hyuk

    Praise lord escanor

  • Darth Vader

    Cant wait to see escanor

  • Hiro

    Damn can’t wait for another episode 2 totally worth waiting for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • qwertytwerqy

    Season 2 is gonna be full of stories <3 And since it has 24 episodes, it would take atleast 6 months for this anime to be finished :O

  • Andrew Davidson

    one thing they have to do is animate the vampire in edinbourough side story and all the other short stories

    • Celaena

      ikr we don’t even have (or at least I don’t know about it yet) vampires official colorings and it’s so annoying! (especially giving that my second favorite ship is zeldrisXgelda)

  • Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti

    THATS IT!!! That ending scene credits fit PERFECTLY!!! No taking of sides for the sun stands above all others. The pinnacle of human absolution. PRIDE BEFORE OTHERS!!! PRAISE THE SUN!!!! TES!!!!

  • Mr. Careless

    Fuckkkkkk im fucking hypeddddd

  • Lucky Cross

    Hell yes!! 😀

  • MrInuhanyou123

    LMAO. A-1 kne they fucked up so bad with writing themselves into a corner with the final episode of the first season, so it just turned into a dream that everything turned into peace and they went south….its messy but i guess it kinda works

    • Uzumaki Naruto

      They probably planned to divulge from the main story but then saw how fucking amazing the manga was.

    • Illumigirl 0804

      It’s better then how they made season 2 of blue exorcist

  • Baafour Kissi


  • Crystal Comet

    Is that Escanor I see at the end of the intro with that axe?
    Heh heh, this is going to be gud!

  • damn that ending was fucking awesome

  • Desmond Blanka


  • Hunter “Brunomonk8” Crawford


    • Martim Fernandes

      its the opening xD

  • KurumiDaisuki


  • Sad Stick


  • Aldrin Cyril Meyers

    fucking shit !

  • Nick Cotto

    I am so the section/season from 2016 not canon or something? and if so why does it seem like it went completely under the radar and this season should be s3?

    • barogr

      That wasn’t season 2, it was a bunch of OVA’s.

  • TeknoBeat


  • Faiz


  • Zachary “Lord High Commander”
  • EricKnight

    wow hendrickson is still alive!?!?! wtf!!!! didn’t he just crumble to peaces twice? like wtf?! now we got a clone evil meliodas

  • Tyler Griffin

    I’m kinda new here but can someone tell me what happens to dreyfus??

  • seth spinda

    is there a reason it’s not playing? I’m on chromebook

  • habiba

    The subbed and dubbed have different animations
    -_-”’ um hawk is small like REAL SMALL in the dubbed

  • Baker’s Bread

    ban has a big whole in the back of his shirt so he can get stabbed through the heart without messing up his clothes. how thoughtful

  • UnholyX

    I just love Seven Deadly Sins. Defiantly one of my favorites.