Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 13 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 13 v1 Subbed

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  • Juli Freixi

    Naniii!? No Nanatsu this week? So sad!!!

    • ramiro

      hola freixi, ya he podido subir capítulos nuevos.

  • GEILLLLLfdasjildfa

    Wow why?

  • Pog


  • Rakesh Khatua


  • Hiro

    dafaq! next week?

  • Reiss

    Probably a graphic episode…

    And people thought it was an April fools prank.

    If not, I’m gonna be very disappointed.

  • Aier


  • harperlou


    • Kurama

      it’s spoiler for anime only peeps so i am deleting this comment

  • Amy Rei Shiki

    1 week delay because of special organization?….so that’s mean it will be extend 1 week.. massaka! Are wa…. New opening will be coming O.o

    • Kaify

      Yeah…this anime is so awesome…me just wanted all the episodes..but now a delay…..yare yare 🙁

  • Nick Pittenger

    What did Escanor say right there?

    • Mikkel Bergh

      “I am Sir Escanor of the Seven Deadly Sins!”

  • BlackRanger



    Hail the 7th sin ESCANOR !!

  • Meliodas [メリオダス]

    Gekijouban Nanatsu no Taizai: Tenkuu no Torawarebito
    (The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky)
    Will be on theater on August 18, 2018(Saturday).

    • Kai Xian

      omg its on my birthdayy <3

  • schizophrenia.

    Ur countdown sucks

  • khicenu

    why does the ep with sub comes 17 hours after the raw episode?

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      They are waiting for Netflix cc before translating them that usually came late. They are not translating this with just hearing the cast speaking, they waiting for Japanese subs from Netflix Japan. I think usually they start translating this when time hit 11 more hours left.

  • Timotei Nadrag
  • roronoa zoro

    Is there any point in a raw countdown?…Any japanese about?

    • IntruderAB

      As long as you can understand it

  • Gpman12
  • roronoa zoro

    I hope they do a backstory for escanor; like they’ve done for the rest!

  • IntruderAB

    Grayroad just enjoying the show

  • Cate


  • Junior Targaryen


  • Random Dude

    The new op was amazing

  • JC~


  • ginpaka

    ok but like- elaine and jericho

  • Amy Rei Shiki

    next episode will be esxanor battle…today (episode 13) just for ban battle with galand

  • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)

    and they got me so f*cking hyped for Escanor

  • Dunce Face Kaminari


  • Meann Puff


    Damn Elaine. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Eat some Snickers.

    Edit: The scene with Fraudrin and Deldry is even more hilarious than I first anticipated. I think I have tears in my eyes omg

  • Josh Larry

    Escanor is wearing his armor in the opening does that mean we will get that fight this season?

  • thrjafiresouls

    Oh comeon that ends at such a shit point not even the ending of them meating escanor just some retards i dont care for :C

  • Hai

    The end was kinda stupid

  • Shegino Galon

    oh fuck ESCANOR SAMA!!

  • Khaled Said


    • Kurama


  • Kurama is now !! Please spread the words!!

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]


    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      I know how to mux the subtitle to the mkv file but I don’t know how to demux the subtitle file. How to do it? Do you know?

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      Kurama, I want to ask something. If the mkv video has been muxed with subtitle file can it be remove? When I use the VLC player the subtitle open the subtitle file. Can I remove it? If can, how?

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      Why all of a sudden?

  • Erik Schneider


  • Zakaria Elkhattabi

    seriously 6 more hours to watch the sub ep !! you need to fix your shit up

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      Do you ever think of the time for translation, translation checking, quality checking, timing, typesetting, and encoding. All of this been doing by one person, how long do you think this going to finish?

      • Pristine Faun471

        I salute to you, my good sir. For doing everything by himself for us. If only I know how to speak japanese I’m willing to help you.

    • Deminus

      Then how about you try yourself to sub an episode if you really think it works that fast?

      • Meliodas [メリオダス]

        Yeah. I try subbing this episode by using manga translation and you know what? When I sub this episode, the only thing came to my mind is when is this translation going to finish. Because it is boring af.

        • Deminus

          Yea. People really need to be more respectful when they themselves don’t even know how it works

  • Sad Yorick

    Is Escanor gonna appear in this episode?

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      Next episode is Escanor fight time.

      • Sad Yorick

        Aww man, shucks. Was hoping to see him after 2 weeks of wait :<

        • Meliodas [メリオダス]

          Good things come for those who waits.

          • Sad Yorick

            I guess I’ll just sleep until next week. Nothing matters more to me than Escanor <.<

          • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)


          • Aditya Kar

            Then it’s better that I controlled my impulse to start watching it from the 1st episode.
            Now I binge.
            Diee otakus!

      • ren

        I really dont think Escanor’s gonna fight in that episode. As we all know, 7 Deadly Sins is most cliffhangers. So I bet this is gonna happen and then something else is gonna swap over. (For example Merlin’s words and then the ep ends.)

    • Sad Yorick

      ooooo, he appears in the opening and the next week’s episode preview. That’s enough for me for this week ;W;

  • Dunce Face Kaminari

    I like my food r a w

  • Blaze Wolf945
  • AL

    damn i waited two weeks and they didn’t show him in this episode……….let the wait begin…

  • Metincan Oral

    Where are the subtitles?!?

    • WatRDose


      • TalhaBahadır!

        Ya got me good ma men

  • Denis Aihan

    is come lord escanor

  • MaskedHoodie

    R A W



  • AL

    PRAISE THE DAMN SUN !!………..The Badass Has Come……….To Amaze Us

  • AL

    damn that Ban badass as always……….he just wrecked galan in seconds…….. welldone Ban welldone

  • Metincan Oral

    This ep isn’t contain the Escanor too…

  • Zayen


  • where is it? where is the Lord

  • Kanam Estus

    Next Episode! Lit

  • SOLDIER 76

    Really just can’t wait for next episode man 😉😉 I am so hyped

  • fgxnuked

    And so next week is escanor… it still hurts the fact that we need to wait 1 week for 1 episode make it be 3 days

    • Borko Filipov

      thats like every seasonal anime man sorry

  • Hiro

    come on! can’t wait this next saturday!

  • Mors Hominum


  • darkeye


  • Deo2

    “A flat chest midget like you has nothing on someone with a chest and height!” Shot fired. Oof

  • Sahran Hossain

    the new opening is sick!

  • Borko Filipov

    best episode so far

  • Uzumaki Naruto



    So they made us wait a week for an even gayer op. Thanks

    • Unknown


    • i wonder what makes an opening gay

      • Myreign

        was wondering about the same thing

      • Justin Lacombe

        I would assume that the opening is being attracted by other openings of male gender.

    • Jeremy Saitang

      i like the OP

    • UncouthFive

      You’re gay.

  • Unknown

    I the only thing i don’t like about the Pleiades is how overpowered their abilities are and how the barely have restrictions but hey its fine they are just SIDE CHARACTERS

    • Yalu

      Ikr. I was pissed off how easily Deldrey overpowered Fraudrin. I’m not supporting the Ten Commandments but seeing a demon easily overpowered by a love spell just makes the seven deadly sins struggling look ridiculous.

      • Supreme_Leader

        I really hope some other characters will have a counter i mean the one that looks like meliodas is anti betrayal right?
        So if he was there even if under a love spell no one can betray him

        • NatsuDragneel121

          The other guy that looks like Meriodasu is his brother ^^

          • Justin Joestar

            Dont spoil, what the fuck is wrong with you?

          • 4zen

            its not a spoiler, they literally named themselfes brothers in prior episodes

          • Uzumaki Naruto

            That wasn’t really a spoiler… That was conjecture.

          • Justus Kiess

            idk if you guys are stupid but the spoiler is that his power has to do with betrayal. That is nowhere written or said on the Anime yet, right? so its classified spoiler, right? daym got em

          • Uzumaki Naruto

            I swear to god, the comment didnt say that at first

          • Mia Dowd

            Did you not hear them say “brother” in the last episode?

          • Supreme_Leader

            Cool but can you remind how his power has to do with betrayal?

        • TheLegend 27

          can’t tell If you’re reading the manga or legit good at guessing >.>
          that is all I’m saying on that.
          also, I’m not spoiling, my reply and the recipients words are to vague to come up with the exact power.

      • Celaena

        it would never work on other commandments, fraudrin fell for it only because he was in dreyfus’s body.

        • Md Kaify Iqbal

          Yeah…you are right Celaena

      • Jockeyjoe16

        Don’t worry, their victory won’t last for long. It’s one of those things where they think they’ve won but not really.

      • Mia Dowd

        Well Fradrin is the weakest so what do you expect?

    • TylerEx

      Well their restrictions are grave against anyone other than that commandment, as he is being held way back by his current uh situation. Since every other demon would have more than enough magic to by pass his arrows. Plus no other demon would have even the slightest affection towards that girl, as he is the only one with human thoughts and ideas.

      • Timothy Blue

        shutup dummy nigger

        • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)

          Oh my god, proper badass innit?

  • Josh Larry

    Man at least Galan fought back in the manga.

    • Md Kaify Iqbal

      Whoa…is manga also released???

    • Ogs Ugp Sith

      Who really cares tbh, we all know what’ll happen next episode.

  • Lion’s Sin of Pride

    ‘’ Sry i hit you twice’’

    • Supreme_Leader

      Inagine if Galland was actually smart, he would ve said But promise ya ll only hit me once! Then if Ban hits him more than once he becomes stone

      • Timothy Blue


      • Avery Carter

        Wouldn’t he have to agree to the “promise” for it to actually be a lie?

        • Supreme_Leader

          Yeah but he said
          ”I m gonna take my free one hit” before hitting him just that galland didn t say he couldn t hit him afther the first

  • Episode 14 “Master of the Sun”
    P R A I S E T H E S U N

  • ZEN

    Next episode is gonna be lit….ESCANOR

  • Ota-kun

    Wtf.wasnt escanor supposed to appear in this episode?Looks like its next episode.Whats up with those weak ass clowns at the end who appear Outta nowhere sent by some guy I never heard of.Did I miss something?How can a member of ten commandments lose himself to a girl like that BS

    • XAOZ

      it’s her power… when she kisses someone she can make them love her, making them do stuff they wouldn’t
      Like couldn’t punch her because of it

      • Ota-kun

        That someone shouldn’t have been a commandment imo

    • Otaku (⌒▽⌒)

      well the commandment is still in Dreyfus’ body, so the soul is most likely still somewhat intact.. is probably how she was able to affect him. but if you look at the same logic, how would Galand have his power taken so easily from Ban (even tho he’s got the power of plot behind him)

      • Ota-kun

        Well ban is one of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS and garland is one of the weakest commandments smh

        • NoahB

          hope you know that galand has a 4x higher power level

          • Ota-kun

            Not after ban used his truck to absorb his energy.The point is ban is one of seven deadly sins for nothing .Power level is not everything.Whereas those unknown clowns shouldn’t be able to do shit to the commandments

    • Yalu

      ikr. I’m up to date with the manga and the clowns and their boss don’t really matter that much. I have no idea why they are involved. This conflict doesn’t resolve anything. The mangaka is going on a tangent.

    • Avery Carter

      Fraudrin is probably the weakest commandment while he’s possessing and limited by Dreyfus’s body.

  • Otaku (⌒▽⌒)

    Dang Zhivago, a father till the end and beyond *slow claps*

  • H master

    dreyfus got his own ass handed to him

  • Del End PD

    So we waited 2 weeks for this? WHERE THE F IS ESCANOR!!!

    • TJ


    • RiceBox

      He showed up at the end.

      • KxD xD

        It was like a 2 sec clip

  • Iron Warrior

    PRAISE THE SUN escanor next week lets go

  • harperlou

    they waste to much fuckin time on the intro and outro it wastes the fuckin show

    • UncouthFive

      It’s literally only 3 minutes…

      • D_LemonTV

        3 min for one, 6 min for both

        • UncouthFive

          Uh… 1:30 for the intro and 1:30 for the outro totals 3 minutes

          • harperlou

            i assume you didnt count the time 😛

          • UncouthFive

            Well when you just say intro and outro without being more specific, I assume you meant the opening theme and ending theme.

        • One sock boi

          But the you have to factor in the recap, and possibly the next episode preview.

          • KxD xD

            The show is only like 15min then

    • Tau

      All anime do that. It’s not too bad if the themes are good but if there bad “cough” Death Note “cough” then it gets really annoying. That was one of the things I liked about Stien;gate, no intro for most of it.

      • harperlou

        i know but its still annoying ;-;-;-;–;-;-;-;-;-;-;-; cuz we could have seen ban, elaine and jericho enter my sweet gluttony before the episode ended AND anyone remember season 1 where the after outro scene wasnt filler? those were the good times

  • LSMgaming


  • Senpaislick

    can ban plz meet up with the sins

  • Shanks Akagami

    OOoo ecanor gon whoop some ass

  • Celaena

    am I the only one who doesn’t care about Escanor? I need my Gloxinia I don’t give a shit about anyone else!!!!

    • Escanor

      Of course a dumb kid like you will not care about him. Since you are so stupid of not realizing how important he is to the history of the anime. With his appearance in anime, events and fights will really be epic, grandiose, dramatic and tense. The story only has to increase of level.
      Gloxinia? … serious boy? … grow up, facepalm.

  • Master of the Sun, finally Holy Escanor!

  • ayyy

    ESCANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!! LET’S FUCKING GOOOOOOOO! I’M SO PUMPED FOR NEXT WEEK’S EPISODE. One thing I am a little disappointed about is from the opening, you can tell won’t get to see a certain legendary fight this season. Just gotta hope there’s gonna be a season 3 I guess

    • John Paul Carpio

      hope theres s3 for the fights man

  • Spikeronator

    escanor is for e few secs in the intro
    so ya know

  • Badactions

    Enjoy the episode does anyone else hope after the demon spell is lifted hopes Elaine stays alive and returns to her normal self, also so ban and his little group can rejoin the others. Also completly hooked to this series😁👍

    • Alex Papadatos

      I personally dont. Elaine being dead is basically what drives Ban’s hatred to the demon race. If she was revived he would have no need to continue fighting and would go live in the forest with her.

    • Jaaee Yii

      Meliodas defeated the demon that release the soul but they did not kill it completely they just seal her in merlins collection.

      • Michael Barber

        Stop giving spoilers man

  • roronoa zoro

    Ban is a boss….and Zhivago is awesome!!

  • Leila Sabour

    Drefus got his ass kicked.

  • Alex Papadatos

    Everyone is Hyping the shit outve Escanor. Dont spoil me manga readers, but he better be damn worth it

    • Bashar Shehab

      he is worth it. even meliodas said that he is stronger than him in older episodes.
      here is a bit of a teaser spoiler, dont read if u dont wanna get spoiled





      even when meliodas later got his full demon power from 3000 years ago, Escanor was able to 1v1 him.

  • Mysterious

    I love the new opening but it seems every anime loves adding that pink river is there a deeper meaning to it that I don’t know about ?

  • Webeats Bazelais

    Idc what anyone says when meliodas felt ban in trouble was the most touching thing in this episode.

  • Ban


  • Ban

    does anyone know who made the new intro?


  • n.s.Cressida

    ”MS DELDREY..I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!”

  • Erron Pedrosa Abarquez


  • whatever

    Love this anime

  • Talha Khan

    and escanor will be coming at the last moment,,,,

  • Ryou Bakura

    Its both Gowthers in the opening now!!!

    • Bashar Shehab

      wait does this actaully mean that chapter +200 will be included in this season?

  • Chifuyu Orimura

    It’s as creepy as ever, to see them so enamored. However… Praise the SUN

  • Michael Barber

    Who’s ready to praise the sun 🌞

  • Mia Dowd

    Great. It only took FOURTEEN episodes for Escanor to FINALLY arrive. Like, damn. They dragged this out way too much

  • Pristine Faun471

    It’s kinda weird reading Galan over and over. I’m used to Garan. ‘Cause That’s how the manga spelled it. But, I only need to watch. Who am I to complain?