Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 14 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 14 v1 Subbed

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  • Rin Okumura

    I can’t watch this raw :'( ..

  • Kojak

    why do they make us wait 16 hours for the sub its not like we all speak Japanese

    • Lexa Val

      I know right im dying to see the one with subs but cant wait so watching it raw while the subs come out. And the thing is the take a while to translate the subs thats why it comes out a day after but what i dont get is why they just dont do it the same day it would be easier right?

      • ginpaka

        they also have a life you know. a lot of things can happen in a day so be patient

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      FYI, they still haven’t start translating yet. Because the translator still not arrive, and they are waiting for Netflix Japan cc with Japanese subs that will came out in 5 hours before translating them. They are not translating this with just hearing the cast speaking. And if they start translating now, they will have to do the timing again with the episode that have no clock.

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  • Tony Johnson

    Hmm..Merscallya’s breasts are considerably bigger…

  • Greasy AnalCake

    I’m waiting for Nerobasta to appear and then die.

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    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      FYI, they still haven’t start translating yet. Because the translator still not arrive, and they are waiting for Netflix Japan cc with Japanese subs that will came out in 6 hours after it aired in Japan before translating them. They are not translating this with just hearing the cast speaking. And if they start translating now, they will have to do the timing again with the episode that have no clock.

  • Dunce Face Kaminari

    P R A I S E T H E S U N

  • Meliodas [メリオダス]

    That was good adaptation.

  • Spacey

    Can someone tell me if how well they adapted it from 1-10 because i dont wanna spoil myself by watching raw

    • Dunce Face Kaminari


    • well the 10 episodes are kinda lame they are mostly about character building for every hero along with a little past of meliodas not much has happened yet so stay tuned

    • Lexa Val

      i liked it i give it a 10/10 :3 but i wish i could understand what they are saying dang it all cant wait till the subbed comes out tomorrow to see it again lol it was so cool the las part i was like wow hes that strong that man is crazy strong ♥.♥ and sexy

    • Azusa Kingoh

      9/10, I didn’t give it 10/10 just bcz of the soundtracks, they could’ve used soundtracks that are waaaaay better than what they used in this episode.

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  • junibar

    Tfw you have zacky-san’s soundtrack playing in your head for escanor scenes instead. Still a good watch overall

    • Erik Schneider

      I feel you

    • Brettlaken

      I also liked it more to be honest 😀 The editing from zacky-san hyped me as much as All Might beating up Nonmu

      • Yeah, thank you for the spoil -.-

        • chris

          then dont read the comments till you watch the anime or read the manga my dude

      • junibar

        Ah I see you are a man of culture *salute*

  • Lexa Val

    I totally loved the part were jericho………….. and then ban with hes eyes says noooooo……….. and then……………. and more………….. omg i got excited lol XD ♥-♥ damit elaine stay dead its jerichos turn to be with ban ♥ XD seriously i replayed that part like 3 times lol

    • Darth Vader

      There is mfucking Escanor in this episode and you watch JERICHO, are you ok?

  • fftimahzoldyck

    12 more hours to go for the subbbed one 😭

  • B1Q

    escanor splitting galland in half was so satisfying

  • John Paul Carpio

    who needs sub when u read the manga alot of times you already know what theyre going to say and fak yea ESCANOR PRAISE THE MOTHERFUCKING SUN!!!!

    • Erik Schneider

      I see you are a man of culture as well

    • aksha amorie


      [Nanatsu no taizai] Online Free HD

    • Nabarun Roy

      I hope you also don’t need to watch the anime then

      • StaticGames HD

        One must appreciate both but true culture is when you watch enough subbed hentai that you can watch the same hentai raw

        • A.J

          *culture intensify*

        • Justin Lacombe

          What does Hentai have to do with this? Wait, is that the point? No subs are necessary?

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  • Benjamin Ackerman

    Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 14 English Sub HD

    • hassan mualla

      that is raw

    • ks9532

      A hole …its rawwwwwwwww

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  • ARJ Anime

    Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 14 Subbed

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      as fake as those sites telling me that there are bitches in my area ready to fuck me !!!

      • Lazar Vucic

        hahhah man u know it

  • AL

    daaaamnnnn itttt !!! still five hours left…………..these 5 hrs are gonna be my longest hrs in my lifetime………..waiting impatiently for the MASTER’s Return…….

  • Alex

    Maaan 4 more hours….

  • MiraJane

    Can someone tell me why it takes hours to translate 20 minutes of dialogue? I just don’t understand

    • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)

      Well, they have to translate, edit and check over it.

      • Darth Vader

        Yeah and a youtuber fansubbed it before they did

    • gavi ál

      MiraJane its not just translating, its also cheking for errors, timing dialouges properly etc., im suprised they manage to make it in just 1 hour.

    • Aria

      just try to make a subtitle in your own language, without translating. I mean just write what you hear. thinking it like sign language subtitle, you will get your answer.

  • amine

    there’s a fansub rightnow on youtube why didn’t they upload it

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  • Zeen

    The subbed 720 link doesn’t work. Blank screen

    • Rivan Fernandi

      yeah.. same here

    • 蔡自烈

      Same here

  • tem 2016

    where is it!!!!!!1

  • rannel tindoy

    Praise The Subbed

  • Roxas XIII

    omg i cant say a words for this ep and how galan afraid from esca and got stoned ;D this is badass

  • Addect

    Im the only one who dont like the voice from Escanor :c it doesnt fit 😛

  • Bob Oppai

    PRAISE THE SUN!!!!!!!!

  • Very very sad Yorick


  • Jeño Sam S. Flores

    P R A I S E T H E S U N ! ! !

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  • Jack Flowt

    Escanor is strong as hell!

  • Diana Gregory

    IIIII love it!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Achraf El Aafia

    Escanor be like “you ate my soul so I’m gonna burn you bitch SUNSHINE🌄🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 “

    • TheLegend 27

      is soul is literally lit. it’s as if he was reincarnated version of a god…….. >.>

      • Achraf El Aafia

        I don’t wonna spoil you but you’re actually right
        Sunshine is the grace of the strongest archangel with has been lost after Estarosa killed him
        (I couldn’t resist not seeing the manga)

        • Flames525

          Thanks for the Spoiler

          • Achraf El Aafia

            I’m sorry 😅😅😅

          • ayyy

            So you don’t wanna spoil it, but then you proceed to spoil it? Such an asshole

          • SpongebobOnYoShirt-Lookin Boy

            Escanor fucking damn it, thanks shit head.

        • TheLegend 27

          you know I was being intentionally vague as to not spoil…

  • TheLegend 27
    • buru mars

      which manga episode this one? with galand

    • Johnson Anderson

      that scence tho


    It was a good adaptation but the ost was a problem . Couldnt they a better one or their main one? . or Better! create a new one exclusively for the sun .

  • Mak Maglacion

    its lit <3

  • Mak Maglacion

    cant w8 till next week T.T

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  • cold_blood

    when will we get torrent file

  • Hi

    wait…wth is that solair without the helmet???

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  • Can-Deniz Sevim

    Some of the translations were just kinda bad but still got the message right but one thing was just terrible.
    When Garan got turned into stone Mera thanked him for getting rid of that annoying old man, referring to Garan. But in the manga she said. “You are a talkative old man but I appreciate the chivalry.” Because Escanor allowed her to run because she is a woman. Mera was not happy about Garan dying. She was very bitter about him having to lose to his own Commandment. So this is a huuuuuge mistake and makes Mera look like she hates her comrades when she does not.

    • Aria

      Well sorry to burst your bubble, but the part you are referring is correct and the manga translation is also correct too, but you are just mistaking the lines. I really do hope you get your facts straight before blamin the subs ^^

    • Kurama

      you can talk to our translation checker here [Discord id – Aria#3100] if you feel like our translations are terrible lol

  • Kanam Estus

    Now this is what u call fast pace episode. Great to see escanor finally on the screen. Somewhat poor quality from A1-picture tbh.

  • Paragon

    Meliodas is still stronger

    • Hiraishin

      No, Escanor won so he is considered stronger. At full power Escanor still win.

      • DBMania

        Meliodas in Manga is stronger than him. At Noon Escanor is stronger than tapped into Demon Mode Meliodas, but full Demon Mode Meliodas does not even have a confirmed power level yet.

        • Hiraishin

          So who lost the fight huh ? Escanor ? You can’t say that Meliodas stronger than escanor if we’ve never seen his full power. For the moment, Escanor is strongest. Theres no proof of Meliodas being stronger than Escanor, but theres one about Escanor : He beat the shit of out Meliodas. As far as we know right now could be Meliodas full power. He’s back to his old self, so i’m pretty sure he’s at the power he once has.

          • DBMania

            So you truly think a side character is stronger than the main character in a series? We both no damn well When Meliodas showcases his “true” full power he will be head and shoulders above the rest. He is the literal Son of the Demon King himself and he is the shows final boss.

          • Hiraishin

            So because he’s the mc he’s the strongest character ? Theres other characters stronger than him, aka Demon king and Supreme Deity. As we are speaking, Escanor is stronger than Meliodas. The author never mentioned his “true power” so Idk how you would come up with something like that. Its your speculation, with no proof. The only proof we have is the fight they did and who won. Meliodas also said that Escanor is stronger than him, but I wouldn’t count it since we don’t know if he was talking about his current form or full power.

            If meliodas get the demon king power, he “should” be able to be stronger than the one, but again thats just a theory.

            Escanor is not a side character. He’s part of the main crew. Its not Meliodas adventure, but Seven deadly sins and as far as I know he’s one of the sins.

          • AbstractPresence

            A few episodes ago, Meliodas said himself that Escanor is far stronger than him

    • AbstractPresence

      Meliodas said himself that Escanor is far stronger than him :/

      • Paragon

        Meliodas Power lvl is 300K + ? Escanors Powerlevel is 114K ?

  • Praise the motherfucking sun

  • Timothy Blue

    This is the lost arc right

  • Mors Hominum

    [T]/ AND HE PRAISE! [T]/

  • That Guy

    me watching the episode:

    “escanor looks pretty weak”

    later on: “oh i see he gets stronger as the sun rises”

    13;35 – “BOSSMAN! u beat galand in one shot”

    few mins later: “Oh never mind he’s still alive”

    18:00 – “My man Escanor is a hot guy” *ba dum dum tss* – i’m sorry

    • Aria

      I’d say he is pretty…. hot to handle!

      • That Guy

        i see our humour aligns XD

  • That Guy

    13:45 – everyones reaction

  • Aaron Vergara Solomon

    oh cmon no epic music? huhu Zacky-san save this episode!! heheh

  • Deniz Bircan

    oh yeah escanor beat the shit out of em!

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  • YoGirlCallsMeBigDaddy

    Rest easy Drole and Gloxinia :'(

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  • magamatrion

    praise the freaking sun bitches the great lord is here for u all

  • wall scratch-senpai


  • Ch Bruhan

    aww the chill <3

  • Masamune Krafit

    fucking cliffhanger again, fuck u all

  • Natsu Dragneel Z

    praise the mother fucking suuuuun !!!!

  • Lion’s Sin of Pride

    Damn you gintoki.I cant take serious the epicest man in whole anime history cuz of your voice 🙁

  • darkeye

    when you realize Escanor couldnt be on the first season because he wouldve just destroy hendrikson with his finger

    • Lion’s Sin of Pride

      Haha thats exactly why i guess

    • seemondas

      in that way if meliodas had gotten his powers in the previous season he could have also rekt hendrikson

    • Johnson Anderson

      Hell Yeah, I was getting goose bumps all over my arms as I watched episode 14

    • Johnson Anderson

      Meliodas even mention that Escanor is much more greater than him

      • OP WIZ

        well meliodas is just modest. he is stronger than escanor.

        • Ale

          Nope, Escanor as “The One” is stronger then Meliodas in his most powerful mode, “Assault mode”. Escanor as it stands is still the most powerful member of the 7 seven deadly sins

          • OP WIZ

            You’re correct and you’re incorrect. As the one escanor has beaten meliodas in his assualt mode. However, if they were to fight again at this point in time escanor would be folded like laundry. The one power stems from
            Accumulating power over long periods of time. Power that once its used escanor will be incapable of using it at is caps for several years. Meliodas can use his assualt mode whenever. Id also like to point out that the one is only active for 1minute. Meliodas can just whoop escanors ass from 12am-11:59pm skipping 12:00pm. Escanor is the strongest sin once every 10years or give or take some years🤣. Meliodas will be whopping his ass 99 time out of 100

          • Ale

            You’re entirely wrong. I suggest you read the manga again. It’s stated Escnaor’s Divine Axe Rhitta gathers power over time, however Escanor himself in his “The One” state always has that very high level at power at 12:00 to 12:01 pm everyday. What you said is what the manga mentioned about Escanor’s axe, not Escanor himself. At Noon Escanor is the strongest of the seven deadly sins, per as said so in the manga.

          • Ale

            In the manga Escanor’s power during Noon when unused, goes into his axe Rhitta. There is no “accumulating power over long periods of time”, that only concerns his Axe. Hell, Escanor defeated Estarassoa, Melascula, Galand, AND Zeldris of the 10 commandments at different times, and each time he was in his empowered state. He does not lose power over time, he only accumulates. It’s just annoying because your post literally goes against what the manga says lol, and is entirely wrong. Escanor at 12:00 to 12:01 would beat Meliodas in Assault Mode everyday.

          • OP WIZ

            🤦‍♂️ I think you need to read the manga tbh. Chapter 233 page 10 to be specific. Escanor “the one” mode has a base power level which is around 115k his additional power comes from what he’s stored up. Which is how he was able to beat meliodas as the one. In his assualt mode meliodas has a power level of around 142k if my math is correct, thats higher than 115k. Escanor is not stronger than meliodas. He cannot beat meliodas everyday as the one. As for ur comment about his assualt mode. He has the capacity to enter it as he pleases. The choice is entirely up to him. Like the choice is entirely up to escanor to use his stored up power. The one destroys escanors body while his assualt mode is just him being a demon no drawbacks whatsoever( no i dont consider being heartless a drawback). You are actually insane if u think escanor is stronger. To stand at the top means winning at anytime and anyday not sometimes and somedays

          • Ale

            You’re an idiot lol. Literally everything you said is wrong. Escanor’s power does not gather up you idiot, the manga says excess power is gathered into his AXE. Gosh how stupid are you? Read the manga, holy shit. And Merlin herself said Meliodas cannot enter Assault form whenever he likes, only when he loses control. Not sure if you’re trolling or not but you’re entirely wrong

          • OP WIZ

            Losing brain cells and wasting time talking to you. Clearly ur not bright. Your actually retarded if u think escanor is stronger. Only when he loses control?? His emotions are gone. Are we reading the same manga? Shits in purgatory he can enter assualt mode whenever. Fold all of the sins whenever. Apparently u lack foresight and basic reading comprehension skills so, Ill revisit this thread when meliodas shits escanor and the rest of sins just to say i told ya so. Have a nice boring life in ignorance

          • Ale

            I literally shown you what you said about “The One” was a mistranslation, and how Escanor’s power as “The One” is the same everyday at noon. Therefore he’s stronger than Meliodas everyday at noon. You’re an utter idiot, you’re already proven wrong. Merlin herself said Meliodas cannot enter assault form whenever he likes, it ONLY happens when he lets go all his emotions. So you clearly are either autistic or retarded, or you’re trolling. Regardless, Meliodas got his ass beat beat hard by Escanor. He’s weaker, end of discussion

          • Oscar

            Dude just let it go. Meliodas can beat Escanor 23 hours and 59 minutes per day except for when its exactly noon. So i guess Escanor is stronger for 1 minute… Also all in all Meliodas is way stronger if you calculate the average power level in a day, since Escanor is useless during the nighttime. Honestly i like both characters a lot but you coming back to this thread over and over again is just pathetic. Let it go and don’t whine about it because someone has a different opinion than you.

          • Ale

            I’m not talking about average power level. I’m talking about who is stronger at the height of their power, and the answer is obviously Escanor, considering he beat Meliodas at the height of his power. Like stop looking dumb, I don’t care about average power level. That’s not what this topic is about, fuck off and don’t respond with something that’s irrelevant to the topic at hand

          • Oscar

            Lol you upset? That’s sad. If I were to guess your age it wouldn’t be more than 14 with that childish reaction of yours.

          • Ale

            The opposite, I don’t care. Your comment was irrelevant to the argument, now shoo

          • Ale
          • Ale

            What you’re referring to was a mistranslation. It’s stated here, The english to japanese editor mistranslated Merlin’s words. So there you go, you’re wrong, move on.

          • Ale

            Japanese to english editor*

          • Ale

            Finally, Meliodas cannot use his Assault Mode whenever he likes. It’s stated again in the manga he can only use it if he completely lets go of all his emotions and reverts back to his full on demon form, which is something he can rarely do now as he has been “good” for the past 3,000 years. You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, no offence.

  • Lion’s Sin of Pride

    They should’ve add the edinburgh arc so ppl could understand how great and epic LORD ESCANOR is

  • Lion’s Sin of Pride
  • harperlou

    aw hell yea there isnt any filler at the end…well theres some but there was content this time!

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  • Alucard the badass


  • roronoa zoro

    Yes…I get why everyone was on about escanor now! El Boss! Also glad elaine and Bro are reunited!

    • Subaru-kun

      Same, i was wondering why everyone was talking about escanor.. Now i know why ! Damn of a drawback at night tho.

  • romeo butalon

    can someon tell me where i can find the manga ? 🙂

    • maguslucis 1

      kissmanga should have all the chapter, and this episdoe is around chapter 130-140ish

  • Никита Отдельнов

    Escanor is sooooo epic I want now more of him. If he was in first season, he would probably kill Hendrikson and co with one fucking glance. And also I would watch Eascanor vs Saitama (Saitama would still win, but still)

  • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)

    Elaine is flat as fuck boiii

  • Gol D. Zucc

    Holy- Escanor is OP af , but now i think about it the ten commandments still doesnt have their full powers , and with galand over 40,000 with magic power not at full recovery , he could still beat Escanor. SO HYPE!!

  • Espardar

    Hear skyrim theme there for a moment XD

  • mono

    Im so glad Escanor is here but … his powered up voice was definitely not what I imagined. He sounded so much more badass in my head when I was reading the manga.

    • Team Onodera

      Same. But i guess Escanor is just so damn Epic, that no VA can get to the lvl we expect while reading the manga.

  • David Nguyen

    Pretty sure Escanor says that he is the pinnacle of the human race, not that he stands atop of all the clans.

    • FreeFury

      He states both I think, that he is both the Pinnacle of the human race, but also the one who stands atop all else

  • Meann Puff

    I can’t wait to see King with Elaine owo


    F for respect to jericho.
    Third wheel couldnt have been harder

  • Quagmire

    they shoulda gone to finish off the demon chick those noobs. Damn Escanor is a big pimp but his normal version is kind of annoying


  • Kosek Z.

    this is my favorite episode

  • king timothy

    but i am indeed wondering how are they gonna fit many of there manga in the last episode

  • All for sloth

    “I’m still a feminist” lol absolute cringe XD

  • William Richard

    This is my favorite ep of all

  • Chifuyu Orimura

    I’ve been waiting for thisss. PRAISE THE SUN

  • Dayemon Uitime Mose Setefano

    Bruh i legit thought that nothing could take down Meliodas…..until Lioness sin of Pride Showed up….dude was beastly for real….my new favourite

  • Reiss

    its like sunshine lolipops and rainbows inside escanor

  • Misericordia

    Damn, he burn Mela’s stomach so hot it cleave her clean half, spiraling down the chasm. Dayum~

  • n.s.Cressida

    i believe in the religion called LORD ESCANOR

  • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)


  • Tau

    Suck it Indiana Jones! Jericho all the way!

  • Laughing_Niko

    Hth did escanor get out of the solar system???

  • Laughing_Niko

    PRAISE THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • samiam

    okay i officially declare Escanor as the coolest character in the entire show! I love zeldris too but fucking escanor is king!! Is he seriously human?? Where did he get his magic??

  • Stclaire101

    I knew escanor’s VA was off putting so i had to search it and turns out i was right…. gad dammit gintoki!

  • Clinton Cloud

    wtf mang kanor

  • Hisoka

    I know they had to wait to introduce Escanor bc of his power level but seriously can I say FUCKING FINALLY!!!!!

  • AilynKloud

    Ban Is Just So Cool <3 I Wish I Was Elaine <3 <3 <3 <3

  • John Benedict Anub

    “My Sweet Gluttony”

  • Samet Raşit Ekiz