Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 16 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 16 Subbed

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    • Sebastian


  • milas2497

    waaay too rushed. Didnt complain about the speed but jesus even for me who has a high tolerance thats too quick..well now in the last scene i felt for the first time in a long time some impact of magic spell/power but now they fucked it up completely with the speed in this episode

    • Sebastian

      hasnt been out 20 min yet you havent seen whole episode then idiot

      • milas2497

        Maybe its been out for more than 20 minutes? Thought about that?

        • Sebastian

          it hadnt by then tho. you wrote that before 20 minutes had passed after release.

      • tikinator

        chill out

    • Dunce Face Kaminari

      you call that high tolerance?

  • DJ-Haris

    can’t open
    ep 16 X_X

    • aj manzon

      me too 🙁

    • Kurama


  • Empiredaniel

    honestly not disappointing… can’t wait till next episode!

  • aj manzon

    why can’t I play it?

  • Dunce Face Kaminari

    the opening song is very questionable

    • Bob Oppai

      the first opening was a lot better imo

      • Dunce Face Kaminari

        this one is just.. bad..

        • Bob Oppai


    • Ibrahim basit

      Yep exactly.

      Galan should be dead or stoned yet he is fighting Escanor in the opening. Spoiler alert!

      Galan in the manga is completely dead and there is no such scene of him fighting after he got stoned at least in the manga.

      • Michael B

        The scenes in the first opening didn’t happen either. They are going the route of not spoiling the entire arc i suppose.

      • Dunce Face Kaminari

        uh… yeah that.. that was what i was talking about!

  • Daniel Severance

    I wonder how many more episodes will there be for season 2, I would really like to see Diane x Harlequin !? My favorite characters .

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      8 more episodes.

    • Gpman12

      Buddy I don’t want to spoil but your wish will be granted😂😂 and thet will fall in love it in most tragic way just enjoy if you haven’t started manga yet

    • Miqdaad XD

      there will be bout 24 episodes of this season

    • Miqdaad XD

      ban and elaine are my fav couple

      • Jintan Yadomi

        Only problem with that couple is that Elaine looks like a 10 year old :(. If she could do what King used to do and have an older looking form that would be better… Their relationship is nice the only problem is her looks.

        • Katt

          but she’s not 10 she’s actually older then Ban and I’m sure if they explained she was a Fairy people would understand.

          • Jintan Yadomi

            I know she is older because I stated that but she LOOKS 10 which is a problem for anyone that doesn’t like seeing 10 year old LOOKing girl kissing a 20+ year old.

      • Daniel Severance

        Cool, Ban and Elaine are my 2nd favorite anime couples too . 😁

  • IntruderAB

    Can’t wait for a certain epic part in this arc… so hyped, probably in 2 or 3 episodes right? If not rushed

    • Teryth

      Aye, probably

    • Tuomas Paakkari

      meliodas vs escanor?

      • Miqdaad XD

        meliodas himself said that escanor is stronger, but id still like to see them fight

        • Gary Goh

          SPOILER: Escanor win Meliodas ih the upcoming match

          • Albanido

            He got lucky meliodas is stil lalot more powerful

          • Enceeee

            nah Meliodas is trash compared to Escanor.

          • Made123321

            if you read the manga then you should know what meliodas is doing which means his power lvl will skyrocket

          • `Zen`

            Nah, not really. Escanor stand atop of all clans, that include demon clans too. His power goes to infinite as the day rises, and dont forget that he stores power in his Ritta –> He is stronger than Meliodas at his fullest. If they were to fight now, Escanor would easily win.

          • MRPC Plays


          • `Zen`

            and who is the one? lol.

          • MRPC Plays

            You didn’t get the concpet . We have 1440 minutes. Escanor is only stronger 1 minute . which is at the highest peak of the sun.And at the 1399 Minute Meliodas is stronger It also says Escanor received 98% damage to escanor ,And meliodas only Received 78%. But yeah sunshine is Too much powerful too. What if meliodas sacrifices his 6 hearts how will this fight end.

          • `Zen`

            Bruh dont spoil man, not cool.

          • Abdullah M El-Adham

            haven’t u forgot that Meliodas have the full countr ability ?

          • detied


          • Billy A

            Full counter only works on magic.

          • rigged

            I didn’t want to hear that

          • rigged


          • Miqdaad XD

            everyone knows that

        • Gilgamesh

          Meliodas was treating escanor like a ragdoll till 11:59am then he got fucked at high noon.

        • JohnKenneth D Dequito

          for me Ban/Bon is more powerful than others… he does snatch power from his enemies and use it to himself… he can snatch power to Meliodas…i think he can snatch power too in Escanor’s body =) it just… Ban/Bon is lack of tactics… =)

          • Miqdaad XD

            but ban has a limit to his powers

        • Vex

          Escanor’s strongest > Meliodas’ strongest

          But pre-noon and post-noon Meliodas is more powerful

      • Marcus Toh

        No. It probably won’t happen this season

        • Miqdaad XD

          might happen in the fighting festival

        • Viktor Manolov

          It will happen this season cuz is going to be with 24 ep everything is possible

          • Leah Tsumidzuki

            I read the manga and it’s not happening. Not so much a spoiler, just destroying your hopes and dreams ^_^
            Of course, unless, you meant The One, it’s happening. Just not now, not until Past Arc. And Past Arc comes next season ^)^ Again, just destroying your hopes and dreams.

          • Viktor Manolov

            XD I had read manga couple of months ago destroying my dreams XD what an idiot…
            +It will happen but the battle between Escanor and Estarossa is going to be for the next season

          • Leah Tsumidzuki

            MELIODAS vs Escanor is AFTER Escanor vs ESTAROSSA. Seriously… It’s still next season… Well, I shall insert meme:
            You are retard?

      • no but escanor is the half of what he meant

      • Weraru

        Have you even read the manga, or did you just look at the fight? Cause anyone who knows the plot would know that that’s definitely not happening this season. (If you were trolling ignore this comment)

        • Shut up you manga retard. The show is FAR more enjoyable without having read the manga first, and the manga is no less enjoyable if you’ve watched the show first. That just means you feel needlessly superior by being a spoiler. Who’s the troll?

          • thunder

            you are retard don’t go flaming him when ur uneducated

          • Ryou Bakura

            he is not spoiling hes just saying it wont happen… (which is tru)

          • Booby-Chan ( . Y . )

            why tf would you call it a “MANGA RETARD”? then would you prefer it if i call you an ANIME RETARD? and where is the spoiler and troll in that comment? is it the part where IT WONT HAPPEN THIS SEASON? wow what a great spoiler.

        • people who read the manga then watch the anime and spoil it for others disgust me …… you should be gunned down in the street

          • Vex

            He didn’t spoil it tho?

          • Booby-Chan ( . Y . )

            where is the spoiler there? tf are you talking about? you should be ashamed of saying of a people being gunned down. what if it was some family close to you?

        • Timothy Blue

          he was asking a question you fuck nigga

          • Mitchel Skeels

            you lot take this far to seriously man

      • `Zen`

        Escanor vs Estarossa. Estarossa being Meldiodas’ brother 😉

        • Cray Blasian

          I’m sure you read the manga so you know escanor overpowered when the noon was at its peek

          • `Zen`

            No I dont read the manga. I simply get spoiled abit by youtube titles… 🙁

      • IntruderAB

        More on the everyone gets together scene, during this festival 😉

    • David McCaslin (Unkown 44)

      my guess 2

    • Martin

      Well since they got to the goal in this episode the next 2 episodes should be most of the fight festival with the 2 big events being adapted in episode 19 and 20 (the 1 small fight and the 2 big fights) then episode 21 and 22 should adapt the aftermath of those events and then episode 23 and 24 should adapt the huge event and the end of the second major story arc of the series (and there should be adapted the 2nd biggest and balls to the wall epic fight in the whole series, after of course the you know what fight that will be in S3 (if there is a S3 of course).

      • XAOZ

        i really hope so

    • Nice, talking to manga readers without being a spoiler. I appreciate you.

  • Dunce Face Kaminari

    what an amazing and hype episode

  • charles pangilinan


  • Erik Schneider

    Why the hell are the arc angels alredy here?

    • junibar

      Because those are the bodies that get possessed by them later on. This is when you first meet them

  • kaushal kumar

    no subs are there?

  • JohnKenneth D Dequito

    Is there a subtitle for season 2 episode 16? i can’t watch it because i can’t understand what they say…

  • Alo Bathan

    Why are there 2 seperate countdowns? What’s the difference between the one in episode 16 and the countdown for V1 on the right side. Sorry, i’m a newbee on this site.

    • Bob Oppai

      The first countdown is raw, menaning no subtitles. The subs take a while to make, so the second countdown is for the subbed version.

      • Mike [Shishikyu]

        That’s not what he asked. There’s a timer IN the episode itself and then the TWO (Raw and Sub) timers on the right. Why an additional timer on the episode page itself?

        • Bob Oppai

          Oh, my bad. Didn’t realize that was the question. That timer confuses me as well…

  • Miqdaad XD

    idk which timer to follow here

    • Kurama

      side bar

  • Mental Frost

    i am so pumped for this episode

  • 7Deadly wrote a script to auto translate the subs, id call it v0.8

    • Mike [Shishikyu]


  • Mental Frost

    1:24:10 Left Omg!!!

  • -_-Yo

    every f*cking week they extend the time of the episode in an hour

    • Kurama

      bro it takes time to do stuffs and plus today i had university exams too, still i am trying my best. I haven’t even ate anything since morning!!

      • ✩々

        eat my pancreas >_<

      • Mental Frost

        U in university and dont even know how to spell eaten yet? (0 offence 🙂 )

        • ✩々

          then sub it by yourself

        • Matsuda Kyouji

          the past participle between eaten and ate used in sentences are often confused, u don’t have to be a douche

  • Roadman

    Right, timer finished
    I await the promised item

  • Mental Frost

    Whyyyyy the count down is OVER!

  • Emin Suljic

    where is the subbed version

  • Mental Frost

    Its Not Subbed Omfg!

    • ✩々

      its all your fault you dumb!

  • ✩々

    hello~ Mr. Sub

  • Mental Frost

    hi how u doin?

  • Patrick Samuels

    whats the point of having a timer then!!!

  • Miqdaad XD

    guys chill, it takes time to upload the episode sometime

  • Jason Ano-os

    cant wait for the english subbed T_T

  • Mental Frost

    its Benn 4 episodes

  • Mental Frost

    Same Here Dude!

  • Emin Suljic

    subb pls

  • Miqdaad XD

    its still the first to come to this website

  • DeathRay’s AMVS&TRIBUTES

    where are de subs

  • Mental Frost

    This Timer Is USELESSS

  • Mental Frost

    i was so pumped
    tooo :@

  • Conner Balbuena

    Why isn’t it playing!!!!!

  • Mental Frost

    someone murder me!

    • Dazai

      why ?

  • Mental Frost

    I Am Officialy out of patiance

  • Mental Frost

    where the hell is the subb?

  • David McCaslin (Unkown 44)

    subbed baby

  • Rajpraiyalan Jesuthasan

    May I ask what is the diff between prev sub and this 1 day pressure wait sub

    • Kurama

      just delay due to irl issues and plus due to the amount of lines in the episode as well 🙁

  • Mellliodas

    Thanks Kurama

    • Kurama

      most welcome

      • Dunce Face Kaminari

        Thanks Kurama

        • NZ FOY

          Thanks Karuma

          • Dunce Face Kaminari

            Thanks Kuruma

  • Emin Suljic

    oh its subbed

    fuick yes

  • Patrick Samuels


  • Fampo

    dude wtf. the translation is horrible and im only 30 seconds into it. are you kidding me

    • Papoy

      it’s not. he just “swallowed” some letters, and it’s not even that often

    • Ismail

      try otaku stream… both sites have imperfect translations if u mixed and matched them they would be great

  • Tuomas Paakkari

    that went fast

  • SlenderMF

    Nice that this is going fast, at this rate we will get to see Mel vs Esc

    • Papoy

      lol, no. do you realize how far that is?

      • SlenderMF

        my memory is not that good

    • Spacey

      thats chapter 230-232 theres no way we’re gonna see that

      • mikahz

        pretty sure he meant estarossa

    • maguslucis 1

      lol you mean maybe we could get esc vs esta if we are lucky

      • SlenderMF

        esc vs est is right around the corner

  • SlenderMF

    ATTENTION, i am just going to say whats gonna happen in the next episodes in case you cant wait, i wont spoil anything too important so relax:
    Next: the tournament battles
    Next2: end of the arc (a huge thing is going to happen so get your heart prepared)
    Next(2-3) maybe: Estarrosa vs Escanor
    I dunno: new arc, Brittania destroyed by demons, Arthur takes the lead of the resistance, Meliodas vs Moonspet and Derriere, Meliodas vs the current demon hiding in the guy in red armor whose name i dont remember
    Next(i dunno how much): 7sins reunited, trying to kill the commandments, Melascula vs sins (yea the one Escanor “killed”), Meliodas vs Escanor

    After that, i dont know if anything will be covered in the 2nd season, also i dont even know how much this is gona cover so at worst we get at just the 7sins reunited

  • Albanido

    WHEN IS THE new manga episode coming it’s so late and nothing Issa being said.

    • Kurama

      hopefully by monday/tuesday

    • maguslucis 1

      manga is coming out on monday, it was on a break last weak due to golden week

  • Court Llrn

    Considering there are 8 episodes left still, looks like the season will progress longer than I expected. I was actually thinking it would stop after the whole Vaizel part – which I guess I can see how it might drag out over 8 episodes. But maybe they really are going to around the 200 chapter mark? Since Season 1 was up to chapter 100.
    I loved the comedy in this episode. It was needed. xD

    • maguslucis 1

      the thing is if they want to do the arc after vaizel, they need to finish it in 3 episode, so the BEST part isnt rush and they do it justice. though they could end it at the vaizel arc leaving it at a cliffhanger. 1 or more episode per important fight

  • Hiro

    come on !! dunno why im so hype! can’t wait this coming sat!! damn i need more episode!

  • Sirion

    Some of the scenes that were funny or deep in the manga just fall flat in the anime. The Liz and Meliodas episode wasn’t perfection but the scene with Ban and Meliodas this episode just fell flat like it had no meaning. It’s going at a DC pace where everything is rushed in. I’d like for for some pause and facial expression so it lets the viewer sink in what just happened while at the same time expressing a characters emotions. Something like Marvel. Like when Spider-Man died it wouldn’t have been as sad if he was just like, “I’m sorry,” disappeared, then went to the next scene. Instead they let us see Tony’s reaction then jumped to the next scene. Great comedians don’t keep telling jokes while the crowd is laughing, they let the crowd quiet down first. Overall, that Ban Meliodas scene was rushed and fell flat.

    • yeah thanks for the iw spoiler

      • Dunce Face Kaminari

        oh my god are you serious? there was an iw spoiler? thanks for saving me

    • Martin

      Well they had to do that so they can adapt up to ch. 196, the next 2 episodes should have most of the fights of the fight festival, then episode 19 and 20 should adapt the 2 big events (1 small fight that lead to the next 2 huge fights) then episode 21 and 22 should deal with the aftermath of those 2 events and then episode 23 and 24 will have the huge event where we get the 2nd best fight in the whole series ( after you know what fight that will be in s3 [ if there will be one of course]) so expect the next 2 episodes and episodes 21 and 22 to have skipped or rushed stuff so they have the time to give justice to the big events and adapt them right.

      • Sirion

        It’s the little things that make a series tho. There’s a reason why a lot of people like the first Naruto vs Sasuke fight more than the second even though the second was much better animation wise. Seven deadly sins is DC and my hero academia is marvel. Seven deadly sins manga is better but anime worse.

        • Martin

          Look I won’t disagree about MHA and its almost perfect 2:1 adaption ratio for a weekly manga (2 ch. : 1 ep) because MHA’s story structure and they can adapt as many arcs as they want to and stop wherever they want to as well, while Taizai has smaller story arcs, it also has major story arcs with conclusions that are around 100 ch. that need to be fully adapted into a single season, and since we can’t get a solid 50 episode season with the perfect 2 : 1 ratio and 24 is the next best thing. Look at it on the bright side at least its not Tokyo Ghoul and its 9 chapter (or more) per episode butchering.

    • Sweet Shot

      This only applies if you read the manga first because you’re playing those scenes out in your head in higher detail.

      What you’re missing is that this is litterally just the manga, but the images move and it’s narrated.

  • Martin Dekov

    This episide was so boring. …

    • SwagGhoul

      ur mom

  • AiEm Ozon

    this just beginning before the fight… don’t expect any fight at this ep

  • don’t get me wrong, i really appreciate the effort that goes into all this but come on, isn’t proofreading a thing? so many small errors that you’d definitely see if you just payed attention. excited for the next episode, thanks for the effort

    • Kurama

      i am aware of the typo’s and will be fixed in a moment

  • Djmustafa


  • GalaxyGamerMMOs Roblox,Minecra

    Well actually, meliodas would have won if he use all he’s power, because it’s said he’s true power reveals when he goes demon but in the fight he was trying to turn back and holding himself back
    Also he didn’t kill him when he had the chance to

  • Marigonna S. Zejnullahu

    The hype is real !!

  • wrap.rough

    gilfrost and gilthunder?

    • Katarina nZk

      They are related in some ways, but not the ones you think of.


      Gilfrost is Vivian (the apprentice of Merlin and the one obsessed with Gilthunder), but in disguise. That’s why Gilthunder had a feeling that he knew him (her), but didn’t know who he was and was confused.

  • fgxnuked

    just when it started get exciting it ended :c

    • Darth Vader


    • GraysonNightwing

      Just wait

      • fgxnuked

        i got no eyes for that i didnt sleep 5 straight days for this ep (+ league playing im lvl 202 all by no lifing on 9 month)

  • Reiss

    After a long time, we finally get to see Elizabeth in action again. Finally!

  • KTPsama

    Here it come guys! Dolore and Gloxinia battles! They better dont fuck up the animation of the upcomming fight!

  • Raizel

    Am I the only one waiting for Escanor’s next fight?

    • GraysonNightwing


    • Martin

      expect it in episode 23 or 24, tho now in episode 19 and 20 should be the time where Meliodas shines.

    • Kammu

      nope XD

  • Addison Rohland


  • Tau

    Wow! Elizabeth actually did something really cool this episode. I hope they do a better job of her dub this time. The woman that voices her also did Karapica in Hunter x Hunter so we know she can do a good job.

  • Nebula

    I cant fucking wait for “the mother of all openings”. This episode was great. After watching tokyo ghoul for another week straight and seeing its garbage animation, im glad this is still amazing. Although the Arm Wrestle could have been a bit more .. umm… dramatic? just didnt have enough Umphh to it xD

  • Pricess Sai Roque

    another one hell week

  • harperlou


    meliodas dies then is revived

  • normantas

    Episode 16 is gay!

  • Senso

    haha good ep

  • XAOZ

    isn’t this season also about how meliodas and the other 6 beat the 8 demons?

  • Cray Blasian

    I thought it would be different from the online manga i was reading good to know that they can be trusted

  • Chifuyu Orimura


  • I don’t know why I bother scrolling down into the comments. It’s just ridden with people who read the manga that can’t help but spoil things in an attempt to prove they’re bigger fans of the show. Fact is, if you read the manga AFTER the anime, it is a better experience over all. Sure, if the manga wasn’t read by people first there wouldn’t be a show at all, but not being able to contain yourself in the comments of the ANIME makes you a douchenozzle.

  • Bahadır Sarıçiçek

    Yo thx

  • xerx

    still waiting meliodas to rekt the 10 Commandments

  • Aaron


  • Lion’s Sin of Pride

    Behold, Ningen domo.The greatest battle is up to begin

  • mono

    That poor monsters face when Hawk eats it whole LOL

  • Family friendly

    Of course I get an error at probably the best moment in this episode…

  • Quagmire

    finally Ban can stop being emo

  • Dominic Wood

    Is griamore on escanors back ?

  • Dominic Wood

    This is the second time we have seen ban using his own unique style. Hype for l8er. Plus it would be cool to see gilthunder against gilfrost


    Omg episode 17 is going to be a war there against another two commandments

  • roronoa zoro

    I swear it usually comes out at around 5pm…no?

  • Crow Anims (Cake Mations)

    This is just amazing
    I loved the power of the Fox Sin and Dragon Sin combined in Ep 16.

  • A Subscribble

    Hawk is now Kirby…