Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 17 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 17 Subbed

=======>Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 17 Subbed is Online<=======

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  • IntruderAB

    Second, it’s soooo closeeee

    • Karlo Marcos Reyes

      FOR THE SWARM!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Lexa Val

    WTF? why is there suddenly comerciales with in the comercials i mean really thats hilariouse now please itd be nice to have the old programing back with not so many comerciales its ok to have 1 or 2 comerciales in the video but come on 6 at the same time dude your killing me here X( ps LOVE THE ANIME CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK KUDOS 😀

    • Mike [Shishikyu]

      You should learn what ”adblock” is.

  • K Juan Miguel

    where’s the subtitle? 🙁

    • Meann Puff

      Subtitles release tomorrow. This episode literally just aired in Japan ^^

  • worst episode

    • WhenYouSpoilingAnimeToYourEx

      nah, it was funny af

  • JustFuckingAround

    Bro so she could make them fly with the wind but couldn’t get rid of smoke with her power

    • Dom

      She didn’t know where Elizabeth was

  • An Asian

    Soooo the Spanish sub was out 3hrs ago and here we are with 8 more hours to wait for English… the World is fascinating

    • harry

      yep @(=_=)@

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      • Bullfinch

        Instead of asking to help website, people complain about free stuff. Hilarious. Not.

    • Darth Vader

      The site is just lazy AF

    • SickDaniel

      You are an Asian, why do you need subs anyways? XD

      • People Are Dumb

        Not all asians are japanese you dumbfuck

        • Dead Chau

          idk they are all chinese to me

          • Raheem Burke


          • austin Nguyen

            nah they look black wym

        • dense_alpha

          lol xD nutcracker

    • tuitui

      You should’nt complain. Remember its still free

    • LordAinzOulGong

      In Germany we can wait longer episode 17 is still not avaible in German Sub… so be happy with Saturday.

      • Mike [Shishikyu]

        But… you can speak English? Just watch it with English subs? Lmao. I’m Dutch and I never watch anything with Dutch subs. Just watch with English.

        • LordAinzOulGong

          i watch anime in english sub yeah xd so i just said that he can be happy that nanatsu came so early in english.

  • 7Deadly

    Auto translated via my script so may have inconsistencies –

    • NZ FOY

      Yay, I don’t have to wait until midnight tonight

      • Rafael Brillo Balbuena

        how to use this?

    • Asim Riaz

      Wow great effort, how did you do that? which software you used? damn i dont have to wait for sub…..thumbs up

    • Fahad7

      Bro Script For Ep 18 Please I can’t wait.
      Your Previous Txt files help me a lot bro this time also.
      Please post it on 7deadlysins Thanks

    • Fahad7

      Or here Thanks For last two Episodes You Help me a lot I can’t wait 16hrs for this.
      Up for your work

  • IceRise

    so the spanish and the indonesia sub is out before the english WTF?

    • Braian Dradi

      If only I had a good Internet connection, even the Italian sub would be out before the english one :3

  • ayyy

    Damn it JoJo. Whenever I hear Drole speak, all I hear is Jotaro

  • thatonefurry 85

    cant wait for sub

  • michel congayo

    which one is the correct timer ?

    • PumpkinCrisp

      One says “RAW” which means it’s the version without subtitles, the other is with subtitles.

  • Kurama

    There are lot of confusion related to Clock and Non-Clock Version. So let me explain it to you: Clock version is Ohys Raw with clock timer on the top left hand side of the video and Non-Clock is the Netflix version which won’t be having any clock in it (Our Netflix source is late, that’s why we are releasing Ohys-Raw first). Both version will be having same subs. Hope your doubts are cleared now 🙂

  • Lohitaksh Trehan

    what is a clock vs nonclock timer, does this has something to do with the quality of subs?

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  • Papoy

    It’s out. Subs are out. Stop posting links

  • Oh yeaa!! amazing episode~

  • Turtler

    Jotaro get out of my mind lol

  • mikahz

    thats one buff ass teddy bear

    • usama


    • jakezz duff

      Yet soo cuddly

    • JustAPerson

      no bully please

  • Tuomas Paakkari

    so this is gonna end with elaine & elizabeth almost drops dead and then meliodas & ban wishes em to be healed and then elaine can stay with ban like she never would have died & elizabeth like normally it has gone.

    • Katelin Noar

      nope, only one person dies…

    • Knightraider21

      Praise the Sun soon enough 😛

    • Raza Khan

      and ur in for a surprise, ur not gonna guess correct who that person is.


    if you want to watch english sub it came out on animeheaven 2 and a half hours ago

    • zodiark24

      the eng sub was out on this site here over an hour ago


        o it didnt work for me

    • Kurama

      we already released episode 2hr ago lol


        didnt work for me:/

  • Phartunax

    the correct name is Dolor not Drole

    • Turtler

      nope its drole on the wiki

    • Katarina nZk

      Turtler is correct. It’s Drole, not Dolor. You are wrong.

    • Uzumaki Naruto

      I use Dolor too. Oh well…

    • NinjaKittinz

      Yeah… I’m pretty sure it was Dolor in the manga. Weird.

    • Dunce Face Kaminari

      It’s Drole

    • Greasy AnalCake

      Dolor = Human name
      Drole = actual name

  • roronoa zoro

    why cliff hanger!

  • I have been calling escanor’s weak form “luigi” cuz he looks just like him and acts, and they both have same mustache so…..escanor is luigi confirmed

    • Miqdaad XD


    • Samet Raşit Ekiz


    • Dead Chau

      i havent laughed so much in 36 minutes

  • Jeron

    Basically nothing happened, but it was still a pretty fun episode.

    • Uzumaki Naruto

      nah, the tournament is getting underway. Stuff happened.

  • mastabust pro boi

    why…. i.. cannot.. wait.. for. next. week… 🙁 i need it now!

  • ultraMatiC!

    Escanor be like “Fuck the Mayweathers”

    • GraysonNightwing

      He will do more than that

  • King its lit !!!

  • Jackie

    what the f**k was that fight scene with elizabeth and elain? they were just retardly standing still and shit taking. they would’ve died.

    • Alucard the badass

      how about the Meliodas and Ban fight ? they did not even notice the adversaries, they just rambled on and on about whose girl was the best and then were surprised that the demons were dead.

    • Dunce Face Kaminari

      this was a joke episode

  • Erik Schneider


    • Alucard the badass

      We all wished to be king in that moment, also the “peachy peachy boobs” bit was hilarious but made me green with envy

  • Manu Kumar Sharma

    that fight between melodias and ban was halirious asf lolol

  • Rinji Adams


  • Chifuyu Orimura

    Dang, Elizabeth. Surprisingly kinky comment.

  • PumpkinCrisp

    I’m really disappointed, because they left out a line from Meliodas, when Elizabeth & him go up to the wall and place their hands their, knowing they’re on the other side of the wall, Meliodas says in the manga “I just know. As long as it’s her, I’ll always know.”
    This line always makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy and I’m sad they left it out.

  • Mica T

    I love how this episode is an entire joke. Elizabeth and Elaine are all girly girly with each other for their fight and Ban And Melodias are fighting over who is the “Best Girl”.

    • Dunce Face Kaminari

      I was just dying during ban & meliodas’ fight

      • SwagGhoul


        • Dunce Face Kaminari

          of course

  • Ninja Meep

    lol did you see 18:51

  • wowoowowoowowowwowowowwowowow

  • mono

    Dammit! Why did I read the manga?! Why did I find out about season 2 before it was complete!? FML another week of waiting…

  • Deafthstar

    next episode lord escanor (i think)

  • Dunce Face Kaminari

    holy shit alot happened in this episode

  • n.s.Cressida

    ”Ban we have to be very careful with these guys”
    * after a 10min arguement about who’s girl’s the best *
    ”Captain there’s a dead guy here”
    me: Damn son

  • King Dedede

    Oh yeah, no anime is complete without it

    boring af

    • Sweet Shot

      me slitting your throat would be boring as fuck too, you ballsack lookin cunt, shut your fuckin slut mouth

      • King Dedede

        lol yeah i’d like to see u try. Did i touch ur favorite toy lil boy?

  • Sweet Shot

    I love this anime

  • dense_alpha

    king wish is finally granted

  • Josh Turner

    Hope the next episode is good, this one was not bad but not so good

    • Dominic Correale

      this one was awesome.

  • Johnny Chuan

    holy shit now this is getting interesting i really want to know the backstory of Drole and Gloxinia

  • Dayemon Uitime Mose Setefano

    Yooooo legit on the edge of my seat lol…cant wait for the next ep

  • Uchiha4020

    i can not wait for the next one !!! i fucking love this show i wanna know every ones favorite character mine meliodas

  • Jay Murray

    If someone could find me the song for the Mr. Hawk post credit scenes on some episodes, I would be grateful?

  • Jay M

    If someone could find me the song for the Mr. Hawk post credit scenes for some of the episodes, I would be grateful

  • Daniel Severance

    When will Episode 18 air ???

  • Daniel Severance

    When will Episode 18 air today ???

  • Lexa Val

    dang it 57 minutes still left someone just kill me cuz im dieying to see the next episode XP