Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 2 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 2 Subbed

=======>Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 2 Subbed is Online<=======

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  • Sad Knight Yorick

    only 10 hours left

    • I LIKE PIE

      ik!! I’m too excited!

      • Sad Knight Yorick

        Why cant they sub it faster, why just WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?

        • Công Danh Trương

          now, only 4h40′ left lol

        • Kaya

          ur name was “sad knight yorick”
          and i literally saw both the name and profile pic change. lol never happened to me b4.

          • Sad Spaghetti Cat Yorick


  • Elquiorra Schiffer

    the 1st ep took them 6 hours to sub it …
    this ep 10 hours …..
    the 20th ep will take them 10 days to sub it -_-

    • Jeremy Skeen

      Why dont you sub it then? Or quit complaining

      • qwertytwerqy

        Because we were expecting that the longer this season progresses, the shorter the subs come out.

        • Alessandro Mercante

          Why would you expect this? Why would the time it takes to sub an episode grow shorter as the season progresses?

          Quit complaining for this amazing FREE service

          • qwertytwerqy

            Because the longer the season progresses… Alot of translators will come and willingly translate them… smh… I was just concluding.

    • Booby-Chan ( . Y . )

      F*ck off ./. you are over exagerating this

  • John Balansag

    1 hr leftttttt

  • Kurama

    Episode 2 might delay a bit due to busy schedule of our translator.

    • Công Danh Trương

      So how long will it take?

      • Kurama

        max 3hrs min 2hrs

        • Nemesis2290

          ‘max 3hrs min 2hrs’ – 4 hours ago hmmm

  • Công Danh Trương

    Well, 3 hours left.
    Is this the last delay??

    • Kurama

      Hopefully yes it is the last one 🙂

  • Công Danh Trương

    40 mins left

  • EcchiFan

    I waited for the subs and now I have to wait 30 minutes more. WTF!

    • smyku

      same, but its worth it dude! 😀

      • I LIKE PIE


  • pacman249

    Another delay… NotLikeThis

    • I LIKE PIE

      they only have one translator and they have to recheck it so, I mean… they are doing a really good job!

      • pacman249

        Yea i can totally understand why it takes so long but why delay it 3-4 times instead of just telling us how long it will actually take. Its just a little dissapointing to see another delay everytime they say it’ll come up…

        • Alorian

          You know, it’s almost impossible to tell how much it will take to translate whole episode. So they just can’t tell us “how long it will actually take”

        • Booby-Chan ( . Y . )

          i know there is like 11 episodes up , but stfu, stop ranting and do it yourself then

  • Jvck Margiela

    okay, so where is it…

    • I LIKE PIE

      5 more min they said lol read the chat

  • Deaken Perera (Deaken Perera)

    its out right?

  • Deaken Perera (Deaken Perera)

    yes dianne confesses her love forr king

    • I LIKE PIE


    • Thetagalong

      people who don’t read the manga…

      • Deaken Perera (Deaken Perera)

        Watch the episode

  • <3

  • Xenil

    Aghh so much going on <3

  • SHOCKED – CSGO Gameplay

    je kanker moeder

  • lmao gowther

  • Gem Warrior

    This was epic. I cant wait until episode 3 comes out.

  • Onodera


  • Sad Stick


  • Star-Lord

    The ending is amazing omg good episode

  • Adam He

    I can’t watch it without lagging kill me

  • Tamara

    you know i really hope that the next time diane sees king she beats him up or something for leaving a second time. idk, I just really want to see that happen

  • Ronn Jasper Gill


  • Leonar Dagang

    wtf!?! the translation is so bad !!!

  • Remco Moerland

    ive been waiting for this episode for a year now, and finally it came!
    and u know what? it was better than in the manga imo! <3

  • Alex Papadatos

    i fucking love gowther so much

  • Johnny Li

    Nice, I have to memorise all 10 of the Commandments xD

  • Aurora Read

    Oh my gods, I’m so excited for this series! I want to know the powers of the Ten Commandments! Is Meliodas from the Demon Clan? Where are the other giants? Who is the big guy with the axe in the opening? Can 7 Holy Knights, a pig, and a princess conquer the 10 Demon King elite guard? Will Arthur and Camelot become included? I’m SO EXCITED!!!

    • Quinn Ta

      big guy with the axe is the Sin of Pride, the 7th one

  • EvilBanKai

    Gowther became full psycho?

  • bill

    my inner weeb is coming out

  • Jerbin Jerard

    holy shit i wanna see it come onnnnnn

  • Araki

    why is everyone alive, did no one die in season 1

  • Justa Virgo

    Whaaaa? What is Gowther’s sexuality??