Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 3 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 3 Subbed

=======>Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 3 Subbed is Online<=======

  • Sad Knight Yorick

    I just discovered that Escanor will have the same Voice Actor as Joseph from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure *-*
    I already loved how Escanor looks and now knowing that he has the same VA as my favorite anime character just makes me so excited >.<

    • I LIKE PIE

      I am fangirling just from reading this comment!

    • Wolf

      Tomokazu Sugita is one of my favorite voice actors of all time, so I’m feeling your hype.

    • Berra

      Also Gintoki :’))

    • Deminus

      Ong. Anime is saved

    • Andreas Hoekman

      what is the dub voice gonna be for Escanor tho :O

  • Lord Escanor

    Best Episode so far. I loved the pacing , but I’m not a fan of Meliodas’s attacks by lostvayne, they were shallow , unlike the manga .

    • Emilie Westall

      I prefer to not compare it to the source material. Anime never takes everything from the manga because it’ll be too bulky and it’s cheaper to only keep the essential parts in. Compared to the manga, the whole season is probably going to be crap but for just the anime on its own, it’s really not half bad so far. It’s best to never compare products from the source material for anything or else you’ll just be disappointed. Enjoy it for what it is

      • Justa Virgo

        Beautiful way of putting it. “Be grateful”, but in a very polite and wise version!

  • Khyree welch

    great episode

  • Khyree welch

    thinking next episode they reunite and the rest of them meet the ten commandments

  • Big Diesel 💨

    glide with big diesel

  • qwertytwerqy

    Diane didn’t lose her memories?

    • In_a_silent_way

      She is losing them progressively.

      • The Ting Goes SKRAA

        I thought she got her memories back already?

        • qwertytwerqy

          In the manga Diane’s memories were erased by Gowther[SPOILER]

          • The Ting Goes SKRAA

            yeah i know i read the manga lol. I was talking about in the current episode. delete the comment before a non-manga reader sees it 😮

          • Justa Virgo

            This was such a kind recommendation. As much as my curiosity thirsts for the deleted post, I’m thankful of your consideration.

    • qwertytwerqy

      Didn’t I put a [Spoiler] tag? How stupid admins…

  • Iron Warrior

    I cant wait until they reveal escanor. Anime only viewers you gonna love Escanor

    • Tyrone Prince

      they might faint from the epicness. i know i did and it was only manga.

  • Ramazan Sobolevsky


  • Is Ban lost him immortality?

    • Hiten Mitsurugi


    • Tyrone Prince

      hes just using it to his and the forests advantage.

  • fgxnuked

    lol im just gonna keep re watching this untill new ep comes xD

  • SwagGhoul

    Booti at 20:00 :3

  • wrap.rough

    love the subbed but pls include the preview 🙂 would be much apreciated

    • admin

      will try from next week

  • Borah Rzr Bikash

    love the ending track <3

  • roronoa zoro

    I haven’t read the manga but I’m assuming King will eventually tell Diane that he got rid of her memories… dreading that moment… break up will probably occur :

    • Angelo Torres

      Diane already remembered,watch Signs of holy war.

  • smaug yokai

    Why it takes so long!? i will die of boredom waiting for new EP.

  • The guy

    When do new episodes come out?

  • MagicGazelle133

    Does anyone know when the new eps come out?😂💕

    • Tiegan Mansfield

      I think its every Friday

  • SsjgGear4

    I didn’t the seven deadly sins would be so divided

  • SsjgGear4

    They dont seem like a team

  • Araki


  • GoldenBoy0550


  • Arkan

    7:28 Wall behind her, 7:37 nothing behind her?

  • Johnson Anderson

    what the heck is wrong with this
    stupid gowther

  • Benard Manuh

    What is the name of the song that starts playing at 13:17

  • Jeremy Lam (theaquaboys)

    where can i get the raw

  • Beng Choosri

    why cant i watchs this ep?