Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 5 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 5 Subbed

=======>Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 5 Subbed is Online<=======

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Manga Chapters Adapted : 120, 121, 122

  • Weaboo Faggot

    Anyone else watching the raw without understanding a god damn thing?

    • milas2497

      Read the manga quickly if you wanna know immediately otherwise you need to wait a bit

    • Xuba

      i’m too

    • Michael Okafor

      Man after watching Anime for 9 damn years I almost understand anything they say

      • Yousof Sammour

        me too

      • Timm Röttelbach


      • Erik Schneider

        100% true

    • Musab


    • Ahles

      I watch the raw and get the text from having the manga opened next to it

  • milas2497

    Total satisfaction. I waited for so long to seeit animated…mmmmm crème de la crème

    • Gem Warrior

      Me too. I wouldnt stop screaming when I saw that fight.

    • TechnoGen101

      I agree

    • hargema

      I’m waiting for Escanor.

      • Arkan

        When dreyfus summoned and the purple light came up there was a guy who said “Oh boy” or somethibg. Didn’t know that was escanor lol

  • Musab

    Can’t wait for the subbed episode
    Only 5 hours to go

  • Dunce Face Kaminari


  • Sad Stick

    fear me

  • Timm Röttelbach

    i just miss escanor:( why did they rape him and this qpisode

  • holy shit the OST is so damn good !

  • SuQ ma DiQ

    Cant wait

  • $KrCrypto$

    sub video not working

    • Kurama


  • Team Onodera

    It is finally here.

  • KisekiSenpai

    i understand King’s wounds disapearing after drinking ban’s blood, what I CANNOT understand is how the blood that already exited King’s body disapeared

    • Killboy

      The reason is….


      • Sad Stick


  • Please let me See Escanor!!

    • Rawrsome

      Probably not gonna come til like episode 10 lol

  • can you give me the softsub to translate it to my language please ?

  • DulcetCherry

    Gahh this just, it’s just so awesomeeee. I was looking forward to the fight with Galland soooo much and it pushed every expectation i had ot the window and was even better than i had thought! This makes me even more excited for knights of britannia aswell

    • Ramazan Sobolevsky

      Knights of Britannia is a garbage game

  • Erik Schneider

    8:22 YES 8:24 NOOO

    • Mr.Death


  • Mysterious

    Naruto,dragon ball,and one piece combined have nothing on the seven deadly sins animation style. This episode was pure gold. galland met every single one of my expectations and as a bonus they gave him those really creepy green eyes The new Dragonball Z episode as well as the new one piece episode coming on today won’t be nearly as good as this was

    • you are funny

    • Thelordgrim

      That’s because Toei is a shit animation studio, and just about everyone knows that. Dragon Ball Super has been getting better in the most recent arc, but still nothing compared to other studios.

    • Myreign

      That is quite an excessive statement, Naruto’s animation especially towards the end of shippuden was really good, and anyways what’s the point in belittling other animes, each of them can be great and they can also be “different”, anyways, in the end you are entitled to your opinion

  • Farrel Athalla

    Im lagging

  • Zarq Draven

    I dont get it. I always say like MOTHERFREAKING GAWD when the end credits show up. Anyone else can relate?

    • Subaru-kun

      yup each time 😉

  • Aurora Read

    I’m so excited for this!

  • iXeN

    thank you been looking for ep05 all the day

  • Doug

    anybody know how many ep are suppose to be in this season

  • Mandeep Nandhra

    Total annihilation 0-0 🙁

  • Devan G

    two birds and the one stone.. HMM that seems that KSI’s lyrics from his roast vid to JOE WELLAR

  • Empiredaniel

    Holy fucking shit what did I just witness… This is the best anime I have ever seen and yes I was there at realese from season 1. CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT EPISODE!!!

  • Chauvinist Pig

    Jesus, fuck. I knew Galan was going to wreck them but…wow.

  • Myreign


  • SwagGhoul

    Well then… This story was pretty short

  • GetLostMainMaleProtagonist

    Dat moment when you are manga reader. I dont get excited about this cuz I know what will happen next I wish didn’t read the manga

  • Illumigirl 0804

    Gowther: HAHAHAHAHA
    Me:Uhhhhhhhhh u ok?

  • scarce

    Cant hear shit

  • Dont mess with a Demon and how did Melidas know about galands powers?

    • Alegroso Granada Jeb

      because ones meliodas is there captain

    • Gabe Fowler

      Meliodas use to be the captain of the Demons 10 commandments the Demon king is his father.

  • TimeTo Nut

    what is Meliodas’ true power level?

    • Gabe Fowler

      Meliodas’ true power level is high as fuck he prolly only has about 5% of his true power is like 142,000 and thats near the end

  • James Hardjosudewo

    Wait wtf gowther?

  • Mr.Death

    3 days left for new episode

  • Arkan

    Who wins?
    All the seven deadly sins power combined: 22k power level
    One monster boi: 26k power level

  • Kyle Stanley Bernados

    that dude cheated baguvix, hesoyam and buff me up.

  • Jzunreih Britannia

    So intense xD