Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed

=======>Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 8 Subbed is Online<=======


Manga Chapters Adapted : 127, 128, 129

  • Empiredaniel


  • Empiredaniel


  • milas2497

    They definetly improved the animation and they adapted the chapters pretty well..monspiet <33

    (twigo voice) CONCLUSION: WELL DONE<3

    • Cindy

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    • Krista Alba

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  • Killer Queen (Bites Za Dusto)

    I just realized that the desertification of that area near Edinburgh was caused by Escanor when he fought Izraf lmao

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      Escanor boom the castle and Meliodas made the 30000 feet hole.

  • IntruderAB

    The moment he learns what his trial is… at least he (spoilers) in the next episode

    • Bob Nguyen

      It’ll be a tragic scene for Meliodas in the next episode.

  • Arya Baditz

    i can see lot people will complain about Mama Hawk :D.

  • Pest-chan

    Am I the only manga-reader creeped out by Monspeit’s mouth?

    • I LIKE PIE

      I am as well…geez

    • Gem Warrior

      I am. Its…

  • Kurama

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  • Sad Spaghetti Cat Yorick

    What, why are you taking extra time today? Usually by this time the subbed episode is out

    • usama



    When I first watched Season 2 I didn’t realize it would go so fast!

    Spoilers: I feel as if the training part is probably the next episode, or maybe even this one!

  • Hi

  • Kovidh13

    3 minutes !

  • Ran Mouri

    its out

  • Med Bader Khenfer

    Can’t you download from this shitty site ???!?!

    • EscanorSK

      Here we have another spoiled brat who is watching the anime episode for free and is still criticizing the site …
      Being a complete asshole and ingrate is in the blood of your family ??
      Grow up, trash … and just leave, nobody wants u here. 🙂

      • Funniox Funniox

        You’re the trash here dude , just check your comment compared to his. If you go on a website filled with trash/ads all over the place with clickbait , it is indeed shitty.

        • Reiss

          I don’t think he wasn’t criticizing the site…

      • Timothy Blue

        Praise god
        The lord jesus christ not you you motherfucking ingrate

  • Ran Mouri

    this episode was good

  • Vishesh Agarwal

    04:06 did you read that

  • LMCU

  • Abhi Rana

    zaneri look like rukia from bleach

  • Ïnayat Khan

    This episode was very good <3, and i fucking love the outro song, its so gooooooood

  • Izaya

    To the manga readers.. is it worth to read the manga whilst watching the anime?I’ve read a lot of manga and light novels and when it finally have its anime adaption released i seem to not enjoy it as much as i am reading it… I also had some adaptions that i know what gonna happen and also eagerly waiting for the new episode despite me knowing whats gonna happen… so is this series falls to the 1st one or the 2nd one?????

    • Court Llrn

      The anime has, so far, almost perfectly nailed the manga. I watched the complete 1st season of the anime before reading the manga but have now ready up to chapter 162 I believe – which is quite a ways past this point. It has made me much more excited to see the anime – to know what’s coming!!

    • EscanorSK

      It is logical that it is worth watching the anime even if you read the manga. In every adaptation, there are extra events and animations of more scenes that the manga can not really demonstrate. Not to mention that voices, sounds and music are things you can only imagine in the manga, in the anime you can see and hear those sounds. Also do not forget that until now the last sin has not appeared yet in the anime and if you read the manga you really know how much the story and the battles will evolve compared to the first season, you do not want to see it adapted ?? …
      From what I’m seeing, you’re not much of a fan, so do whatever you want. If you are a fan of the manga you have to see the anime, now if it is not great thing in your vision, then just follow the manga.

    • OfficeSoup

      It matters how much you want to see what happens. I read the manga a year ago so i remember a little bit but its still epic for me.

    • Ran Mouri

      where can i find light novels?

    • Izaya

      Alright guys , thanks for the wonderful insights XD

      I will read the manga,it seems like all of you who have read this manga is enjoying the anime and satisfied on how they are handling the adaption XD

    • Bob Nguyen

      For me, I would say read the manga it’s worth the shot.

  • qwertytwerqy

    Damn Jenna and Zaneri look 9999x hotter in anime than in manga :O

  • DGmG

    hoyl what was that soudtraack at 19:36 .. so chilling but epic

  • Michael Dylan Watt


  • ashkir hirsi


  • Ronn Jasper Gill

    i think that druid will kill Elizabeth as a test to Meliodas if he gets angry or not

    • Quagmire

      elizabeth aint dying

    • Bob Nguyen

      The test for Meliodas is for him to re-live his most tragic memories, which has to involve Liz. I won’t spoil anymore infomation about it.

  • Quagmire

    good episode but I hope the amnesia bit doesn’t last much longer

  • Charusuu

    Fkin cliffhangers

  • Justa Virgo

    I’m so gay…like…the guys in this are soo flipping cute, but I feel like I’d relate to Gowther cause he reminds me of Virgo from Fairy Tail.

    • Pavan Vyas

      punishment time

  • Michael B

    Next episode about to be like Re:Zero

  • Carem Mangadlao Mangandiri

    I like this Anime….

  • gabriel leclerc

    I need the name of that song at 20:00 !!! please help I cant find it

  • Ira Chaplin