Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 9 Subbed

Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 9 v1 Subbed

=======>Nanatsu no Taizai Season 2 Episode 9 v1 Subbed is Online<=======

720p Rapid

Manga Chapters Adapted : 130, 131, 138(last 4 pages), 139

  • pali sidhu

    hlooooooo guys

  • Alucard the badass

    1 day, 2 hrs, 39 mins till awesomness, I can’t wait

  • NoizGaming12

    The waiting time for episode 9 is killing meh

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      same every week.

  • Meq

    only 20 more hours until subbed

    • NinjaKittinz

      rip nope, another 20 hours more. *sigh*

  • Court Llrn

    I’m salivating!!!!

  • JaCkMiller1000

    waiting for the episode , last 38 minutes ffs

  • IntruderAB

    Almost time for a certain “greeting” in two episodes

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      yeah, i definitely want that greeting to be animated.

  • Kayla Elsbree

    I have refreshed the page for episode 9 and it won’t let me watch it… I”ve been waiting for this episode, & I’m not really happy

    • Kayla Elsbree

      Anyway I can watch it?

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      why don’t you just download it?

      • Kayla Elsbree

        I got it, nevermind and thanks. 🙂

  • Bob Nguyen

    Will this episode adapt chapter 130,131,132? If so then isn’t it three chapter per an episode?

  • Bob Nguyen

    This chapter will be sad… poor Meliodas.

  • med benza

    how can i download raw

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      click play video. then, click the vimeo logo on the video player. copy the vimeo link and open paste the link and click the quality you want.

  • Meliodafu

    What is the point of conducting poll and asking your audience to vote when you have already decided to do what’s in your mind. You don’t really care about the opinion of majority, do you?

    • Meliodas

      Hey hi

    • I LIKE PIE

      I think they do and want to know what the public thinks just in case they want to change their mind

  • Rasheed Alfonso

    Wtf is this

  • Lucifer

    I trust your decision for extending the waiting time to have more quality subs but I hope it is worth the wait.. Thanks anyway

  • Ntogg

    Listen to what your audience wants imo. U conducted a poll and then decided not to care about the poll results
    tenshi’s subs are shit anyway, i watched their subs for the first few episodes and decided that SanZoro subs were better

    What we want are early subs, your quality is decent enough on its own. Not the best, but decent for the time that you take to release it

    • Kurama

      We might release early version as v1. We are still getting confused over early and quality subs release. Please give us time to think over it.

      • Ntogg

        just take a look at the poll results and decide based on that.
        isn’t that what the poll is for in the first place

        • Mihai Alin

          he said “we might” and now he is like, no guys, we are going to make you wait 20 hours for good quality subbs

          • Ntogg

            “might” is because of the new option in the new poll.
            basically the old poll n the results that people inputted are trashed

          • Mihai Alin

            Ye man but look at the votes, it’s clearly what we want, why do they have to be like this, they could upload like they do in every week

          • Ntogg

            they are just giving time for people to vote in the new poll

          • Mihai Alin

            i hope they will do the right decision and release the early subs

      • Ntogg

        i voted for the 2nd option in the new poll. To save u guys the trouble of having to sub for both
        those that want “quality” subs can just wait for tenshi to upload
        those that want quick subs can watch from here

      • Ntogg

        tbh all the poll stuff would be done easier if u guys had a discord server and conducted the poll there instead
        since not everyone that watches your version of Nanatsu no Taizai subs from this website
        some people watch it from since there is someone that RIPs it from your website and posts it there

      • Ntogg

        btw who was the one that brought up the matter about wanting to collaborate
        was it tenshi or u guys

        • Kurama


          • Mihai Alin

            better just release the early subs

  • Rasheed Alfonso

    Really 20 more hrs?

    • Ded Pewl

      yeah wtf, EXPLAIN HYPERBRUH

      • rutzilla


  • Keithkell439

    Can you like not change your subbing format. There are many people including myself who anticipate subs ASAP because we want to watch the episode badly. Who cares if it’s shit quality with mediocre subs, we still want it and can wait for high quality later. Return to subbing like you did with the previous episodes.

  • Rasheed Alfonso

    I cant wait to this shit

  • Sad Spaghetti Cat Yorick

    20 fucking hours?
    Who the Fuck cares about quality, we just want to know the story

    • Sad Spaghetti Cat Yorick

      Does anyone know any other subbing website? Maybe they’ll be faster than this shit

      • Rasheed Alfonso


      • riroc

        YOU!! you should chill your nipples

        • Rasheed Alfonso

          Stfu! Haha

          • riroc

            XD easy, just block me 😛

        • Sad Spaghetti Cat Yorick

          First they took some hours to sub it, then all of a sudden they take 10 hours, then it somehow changed to 20 hours, now they want us to fucking wait 40 hours for a 20 minute?
          What the actual fuck really

    • Mike [Shishikyu]

      You’re one sad fuck. 1. You watch for FREEEEEE. Get it? For FREEEEE. 2. These guys do this as a hobby/ in their spare time. Don’t act like such an entitled fucking cunt. team, keep up the good work. some of us DO appreciate it.

  • riroc

    I want that early episode, we deserve that early episode.
    You guys asked us about our opinion, and now you make a mess, nobody would have said anything against low qual subs(there are exceptions), we decided it ourselves. Still, here we are waiting, enraged about the fact that theres another dumb voting having the same results.
    I mean just fucking make a reminder that those are early subs, if the community watches it anyways, its their decision

  • Rasheed Alfonso

    Ok ill find another site

  • Aurel

    i want my episode now, not tomorow

  • Ntogg

    for those that don’t understand japanese and can’t wait and want to watch it RAW, read the manga

    PS: i understand japanese so i watched it RAW

    • Justa Virgo

      Good for you?

  • Dunce Face Kaminari


  • collin dunn

    sooooo i just waited up until 3am for it not to be released

  • nika

    So looks like nobody wants to wait 20 more hours as the poll
    says so release it early or it will mean that our opinion were just waste.

  • Piper charms

    What the hell happened to the subs???? cries

  • Sports and gaming

    Just calm down they’re trying their best it’s not like the worlds gonna end

  • Sports and gaming

    U guys are the absolute best

  • Sports and gaming

    Just be happy that u get to watch the best quality English sub not a shit one just be happy that you are able to watch one

  • Maknyo

    No problem, I’ll go find a better site that will upload videos regularly. Glad that i had adblock everytime i was watching something here.

  • Amine Ktari

    I don’t get why it takes so much time to get Nanatsu no Taizai subs to begin with tbh, all anime shows get subbed 1h/1h30 after the raws are out. Yet it takes more than 10 hours usually to get “bad” subs for Seven Deadly Sins, what’s up with that?

    • G_Spark233

      Most shows are subbed officially. These are fan subs.

      • Magz

        dragon ball super started out subbed by ken xyro and he was faster than this

        • riroc

          lol, its done for free, its the fastest, by a guy like you and me with the exception that he does something for the community, so stfu

          • Magz

            Obviously you don’t know who Ken xyro is, he’s exactly what you described yet he did it faster and the subs were more accurate than crunchyroll is currently putting up

            Perhaps do some researching before virtue signaling mate

          • Fg Hs

            Calling him out on virtue signalling is you virtue signalling though…

          • Magz

            And you’re doing the same to me, hello vicious cycle-chan

          • Fg Hs

            But now you’re doing it to me.

    • dustin procter

      Ya with the other anime I watch it takes less then 1 hour to get subs

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]

      That was because this website has only has 1 translator that doing translation, translation checking, editor, encoder, typesetter, timer , quality control to do by himself. If they have a crew to do each of this work it will be faster to finish. We should be grateful that he working hard in subbing this for us. This week they working together with Tenshi Fansub that was come in handy for the translator.

  • Piper charms

    And not even listening to your poll… nice

  • YậhÏẩ MắlKắwĩ

    kissanime’s counter is less than 2 hours
    you will destroy your website because the main reason for it because it was “fast”
    your subs was good anyway

    • Kurama

      i bet it won’t be out on kissanime before we do 🙂

    • PokéRanger

      Do you even know how kiss works ? they mostly just rip from other sites weather its a small group like this or large like Horrible

  • jroberto

    Do not care about the quality. You do a great job as it is.
    If you do that, chances are that someone will start releasing faster than you guys.

    Can you please just release the episode for us? Or should I translate from VOSTFR on Nyaa by myself?

    Thanks for the great work guys! Just keep it as it is.

    • Amine Ktari

      is VOSTFR already out? Native language is French but I like watching stuff with eng subs so I might just go for the french subs right now

      • jroberto

        Yes it is out for 2h now

    • Kurama

      well it won;t make much sense if you translate from french. Japanese to english is and always be the best !!

      • jroberto

        Sure is, but I do not want to wait 20h more.

        • Kurama

          i talked to tenshi, they are working as fast as possible for stream version.

          • jroberto

            You are the best Kurama!
            Tenshi <3

          • Vicarpaon

            so will the stream version be released today?

          • Kurama



    I think it would be better if you released the original subs first, then tomorrow release the improved subs. That way ppl who want to watch it quickly can watch it first and faster, then watch the improved subs the next day. And ppl who don’t really care can watch the improved subs first and vice versa!

  • Zoro

    the only reason to visit your site was the early subs

    • Pristine Faun471

      Good point

    • dustin procter


  • khalide

    We want it now not tomorrow even the quality it doenst matter
    Pls and thanks

  • LSMgaming


  • John Garvey

    Yea I’d recommend earliest subs possible because the overall biggest concern is understanding what we are watching, because we are all mostly impatient as you can clearly tell by the comments. Hardcore fans will come back and watch your refined subs as well and is appreciated. Hoping to see the subbed version prior to the horrifying countdown to enjoy my usual Saturday morning as well as many others. Thank you

  • pali sidhu

    me too Aurel

    • Pristine Faun471

      We all do

  • Kurama

    v1 Version will be released in about 2 hrs. We do appreciate the polls result’s and decided to release 2 versions.

    • CaptainObv

      Thank you. Having both is best of both solutions

    • Vicarpaon


    • Vice

      2 hours ago… Current countdown: 2 hours…. rip?

    • Jeño Sam S. Flores

      How long ??? already 2 hours

    • Vicarpaon

      Don’t worry about it. You are doing a really great job and the consumers don’t even have to pay for it. Many of us here do realize your selfless contribution.

    • Damnaramatram

      Not sure why people are complaining, the V1 subs are pretty decent.

  • pali sidhu

    thnx waiting 🙏

  • pali sidhu

    2 hours 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 wait wait wait hmm

  • KramZz#md

    its a bit late today :/

  • na$er

    Kurama You are the best and i wash you luck

  • Levitas S.

    I needed subbed so badly :((((

  • TheVeryBoredMan

    Why hasn’t the subbed episode been uploaded yet ?

    • Kurama

      refresh again

  • Sad Spaghetti Cat Yorick

    fucking finally


  • hyril (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ


  • Rasheed Alfonso

    Nice im not angry anymore hahaha

  • Hiro

    damn ! i feel so sorry for meliodas!

  • Sad Stick


  • Ba Long

    damn, I couldn’t care less about ban pass.

  • ThatGuyThere

    Finally episode 9

  • Ota-kun

    Wait, elizabeth is a druid?

    • Ineeda Showa

      Where have you been my friend :/

      • qwertytwerqy


      • Ota-kun

        Been ages since i watched s1

  • Sammy Osterloh

    Its uncanny how many people complain in the comments like somehow they deserve to be catered to even though they didnt give anything.

  • darkeye

    damn 12 hours for subs?

  • qwertytwerqy

    Ban: One of the people with the best backstories ever. EEEEEVEEERRRR

  • memer hawk is reincarnated confirmed and they have the same eyes. coincidence? I dont think som But why though hmmmmmmm.

    • Araki

      u wanna know?

      • memer


    • Michaella Vasquez

      yeah your right I search all about hawk and it was a coincident hawk really is 16 yearsold and wandle died 16 years ago

      • memer


  • Opalite SUQ

    ….Now i realize how Ban got that jacket in the fLASHBACK when Ban met Elaine

  • Zyõn

    Poor Meliodas

  • usama

    why is it so long man wth heck

  • usama
  • Drew Bear

    yall some fuckin haters yall cant be gratefull that yall get the episodes early like yall make the subs yourselves so shut he fuck up and yes I saw yall alot.

  • Chloe

    so good


    Why are people such assholes on this site? Be patient jesus christ. The guys work to have it out ASAP. least have some respect

    • Meliodas [メリオダス]


  • Pest-chan

    I can’t unhear Aseylum from Aldnoah Zero when Elizabeth speaks
    I can’t unhear Eren from SnK when Meliodas screams
    I can’t unhear Touka from Tokyo Ghoul when Liz speaks

    I know my seiyuu’s (voice actor’s) too well

  • ugh another past flashback…

  • Marigonna S. Zejnullahu

    Did anyone else get annoyed when Meliodas said ” cant help but love you more” about Liz ? IDK WHY BUT I WANT HIM WITH ELIZABETH -_-

    • Janek Woźnicki

      Well, Elizabeth is reincarnation of Liz xD

      • Marigonna S. Zejnullahu

        I know, but still…

        • Lanier

          Thanks for the spoilers lol

          • Marigonna S. Zejnullahu

            It was pretty obvious since season one that Elizabeth was Liz’s reincarnation but for future reference don’t read the comments before watching the full episode. 🙂

          • Lanier

            Yes but it has not been confirmed not even on this episode.

          • Marigonna S. Zejnullahu

            If it’s not confirmed it’s not a spoiler then.

          • Lain

            Are you autistic? It’s a spoiler.

          • Marigonna S. Zejnullahu

            Apparently the only autistic ones are you two who failed to notice who Elizabeth was all this time. Now watch the damn thing and mind your own business. If you wanna avoid ”spoilers” watch the series before reading comments. You must be at least capable of that.

          • Truth

            Weren’t those spoilers about something that wasn’t even inside this episode?

          • Marigonna S. Zejnullahu

            Tbh I didn’t exactly understand what was spoiled to them. My comment was about Meliodas saying smth about Liz when we all ship him with Elizabeth. There was no spoilers at all. At least not intentionally …

  • Nyaaah ~ Kawaii Loli

    Awwe <3, can't wait for the next episode. Arigathanks and keep it up Senpais ^_^//

  • PoppaMike Schwartz

    TYSM for doing this! :>

  • atiqullah sagzai

    thanks mate the loading is very fast here..

  • Piotr Gazda

    where is ep9 v2?

    • Kurama

      delayed by tenshi as they need to caught with episode 7 and 8. Things will be normal from next episode hopefully 🙂

  • roronoa zoro

    Ban is awesome

  • DunMess_ WitMe

    Im Not Sad Meliodas Is Suffering, Im Sad These Memories Are Destroying Melizabeth

  • Super Natural

    who else shit their pants when he raged and lost control in the illusion?

  • mono

    The ads aren’t intrusive at all. Everyone plz white list this site.

  • Uzumaki Naruto

    guys… who fuckin cares? I’d rather see quality subs than some chicken shit doodles that are unreadable and detract from the emotion of the episode.

  • Justa Virgo


  • Dom

    Not hatin, but its funny to see people angry over the delay. They must really love this show to a point where not much else matters. A coping mechanising is not putting tabs on the show and just going on with life like the show ain’t a thing, then realise a week later it is and enjoy it. Sorta like back of the mind type of thing, suppressing it, though that isn’t the message of this episode is it, haha. Anyway I enjoyed this episode, hope you did too.

  • paty

    When is version 2 being released??

  • narciso caballes

    i love this anime!!! 😀

  • Khaleel Yasin Mozumder

    how come there’s almost no comments on this website

    • dusbob


  • dhaval sharma

    *chills while waiting for escanor to wreck everyone with his HOT pride

  • ParralleX

    better than twilight

  • Machanizer .

    Jericho is bae.