The Seven Deadly Sins : Signs of Holy War Episode 1 Subbed / Dubbed

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  • Zsnake Pliscon

    Piggy trot, piggy trot, piggy trot, piggy trot, oink oink!

  • Dylan Argo

    god what a bad start felt like a filler episode. fucking almost nothing happend

    • All54321 Gaming

      So? It kinda is a filler episode/side series. This ain’t Season 2 yet, save your hate until then

  • Denis Paraschiv

    is seson 2

  • LordFirmu

    Is it any good?

  • cara utan

    How can I download this video.

  • Op4Life

    Watch it till the end. Its interesting.

  • TUDP

    Why i cant find this anime on kissanime or gogoanime?
    Something’s off about it.